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  mariepastyglue  |  30

I just really would like to know why does your life suck for having caught your sister eating crayons? Shouldn't her life be the one sucking for doing such weird shit!? I guess the sucky part for you would be having crazy people in your family...

  Blaphlafagus  |  19

I chew my tongue all the time, in fact I was chewing it when I read this comment, I don't find it weird at all, eating crayons at 19 years old certainly is though

  SlapAndTickle  |  20

The one time I was wrongfully arrested I had to spend about 2 weeks in the local jail. Women actually did this for make-up. They had to remove them from the list of items you could buy. Don't even get me started on how they had a "fashion show" and torn their clothing for 'the runway'. They put all of us on lockdown. Crazy bitches.