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Today, my dad came home from Vegas. Today, my college savings account is down by $64,000. FML
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GR3453m0nk3y 4

wow lawsuit?? or call the MIT guys and have them win it all back and omg im first!!!! who effing cares

Oh damn. I would call lawsuit on that one. Unscrupulous, immoral parents ftl.


GR3453m0nk3y 4

wow lawsuit?? or call the MIT guys and have them win it all back and omg im first!!!! who effing cares

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voveraite 7

See? That's a cultural difference here! In many other parts, parents will provide the bare necessary for their offspring's education. (the rest, of course, being obtained from one's job). In many other parts, high education is free as well...

Reyo 2

The point isn't that the OP expected to get a college education, it's that the OP thought the money was a gift from his parents to help pay for college. It was like the OP spent the first 18 years of his life saying "I WANT COLLEGE MONEY MEOW!" It's like someone giving you a gift, you enjoying that gift for a day, and the guy taking it back saying "I need this back kthxbilol." Chances are you'd feel robbed. So no, the money wasn't "his", but it was set aside for him...unless you can think of another reason the father put the money in the back and called it his kid's college fund?

Reyo 2

EDIT: It WASN'T like he spent the first 18 years if his life saying "I WANT COLLEGE MONEY MEOW!"

Saccharide 0

So what if it wasn't his money? What if his father just gambled away his chance to go to a good college? Isn't education important? Imagine if I ran up to you and handed you a suitcase with $64,000 in it. Then, in a day, I demanded all the money back... wouldn't you feel slighted?

Saccharide 0

...and let's say for the sake of the example that the money was legally obtained and "honestly promised", (probably) like the money in the FML.

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Um. Most parents help you pay your way through college because they WANT you to be able to go to college. They WANT you to have a stable future and a good education and a nice job because they're your parents and that's what parents do. They want the best for you. They don't want you to make any mistakes they may have made. Obviously that money was intended to put the OP through school because it was his college fund. Most parents don't just set up a "college" fund so they can take it to Vegas in 15 years. That's what you would call a "Vegas fund." So obviously his dad has a gambling issue.

#65 - TheTruth1428 - You said: "I assume if it's college savings, it was money your father had put aside for you for college in which case there is no FML to be seen here." No FML? How ignorant are you? Yes, I also assume that it's money his father put aside (for him) for college. And yes, because I'm not a complete moron, I understand that losing $64,000 is, indeed, a bad thing. And do you what happens with bad things that are submitted on this website? They become FML stories! Even if it was technically his dad's money, he should still be saddened that the fact his dad cares less about his sons education, and more about gambling; enough that he would gamble that money away. And also, the OP, knowing he had $64,000+ in the bank for college, probably did not save up money intended for college, because after all, why would he? In addition, you said: "If it was his money to begin with, then YDI for expecting to be handed a college education for free." Why would he deserve that? Are you f*cking stupid? Yes, if someone handed me a pile of cash, and said "hey, here is a gift" (which is what the college fund would be...a gift to him) I would obviously expect that money to be "free". Do you understand that logic? You might have to read it a couple of times to understand it, it's okay. Simply, TheTruth1428, your arguments are weak and you logic is terrible.

whats thr f*cking sue fettish? seriously you guys sue so f*cking fast >.>

half you guys are dumb as ****! this isn't a FML. so you know how many people get a college education paid for? like 5% of the population. so op can join the club and stop bitching ( about money that was NEVER HIS!) yet atleast. and work like the rest of us.

StudMuffinette 17

Oh damn. I would call lawsuit on that one. Unscrupulous, immoral parents ftl.

anonymous100000 17

you had that much for college? ?? you're in the boat I'm in now. broke and poor with zero money for college tuition. you're one of the few who have..or well good

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GR3453m0nk3y 4

wow dude, you're a douche maybe the OP isnt rich and has just been saving up all his/her life i have been and i have a little over $4,000 and i'm 15!!!! some people actually work hard for what they have

sportsnut 0

you do realize that you can't make 60k in three years (age 15 to age 18) as a high school student. This was most certainly their daddy's money. So yes, the OP is a rich whiney bitch.

damnrosi 0

who says that he is only 18, maybe he in going for his Masters or something and has been working while in college, and TAing, and got scholarships. Just because people have money doesn't mean that they got it from thier parents, thats only what lazy pricks say because they are too stupid to work full time while going to university, (and part-time in highschool before that), and therefore have next to no money. Get a job you effing, lazy jerk.

expen_dable 0

I've never gotten money from my parents, I pay for college myself, but I HATE whiny pretentious teenagers like you who call anyone who gets help from their parents "a spoiled brat." Seriously, it makes you look so pathetic when all you do is sit aorund and complain about "the rich kids" "the abercrombie preppiez" and "the conformists." Go take a bunch of weird obscure angled pictures of your face and caption them with "emo" song lyrics from some shitty band on your Myspace. Dumb little high schoolers.

Right, because having planned ahead for college automatically means the kid's hanging out on his parents' yacht on the weekends when he doesn't have polo matches.

AGREED!!! =) I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking the OP is rich bitch complaining. I wish I had 64,000. =/ regardless of my "daddy" spending it in Vegas.

Bah, FAKE FML.. there are like a 100 of "my dad took my college money" FMLs. If you don't have a real FML, then SFTU and just read the site, no one wants to read your bullshit.

Kylias 6

... So because it happens to people, it can't happen to this person, and this person should "SFTU"? You're either really stupid, or a fantastic troll. :'D

Don't worry, he'll win it all back the next time he goes to Vegas!

I could get through college with that money, so stop complaining.

he's saying that he lost that money, not that he only has that money left.

Lithiette 9

That's the money he was going to get through college with. Now it's gone.

I couldn't get through one year with that, even it it's what the OP had *hair flips*

To the people screaming, "LAWSUIT!": How do you know that the money in the college fund was really from the OP's own work and dedication to get through college? My theory is that the dad had opened a savings account sometime ago and has been putting HIS money into the account over the years. But really, OP. That sucks balls. Big, sweaty, hairy donkey balls. I'm sorry. Words can not express how sorry I am. Trying to pay for college on your own sucks really, really badly. PS. Someone is pissing somewhere outside my bedroom window. It's distracting...

a lawsuit wouldn't work anyway since the dads name was on the account (since he could withdraw he would have to be). and it doesn't matter who it is, if there names on the account, it's there money just as much as it is yours. it dosnt matter who deposited it.

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If it's any consolation, as a resident of Las Vegas, I can tell you that we (as a community, minus the big casinos) consider that kind of reckless gambling disgraceful. God knows Vegas needs economic help right now, but not at that cost. That's terrible, shame on your father, and best of luck recovering your lost college fund. :(