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Today, my daughter turned 11. Since she LOVES Harry Potter, I decided to write her an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. When she saw the letter, she screamed and showed me. When she found out I wrote it, she told me she hated me, started crying, and stepped on my foot. FML
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Indeed, an 11-year-old should know better. It's not even a realistic book that could be real, it's fiction about wizards. Come on, no reason to throw a tantrum.
I think she just started puberty, she has about the right age. OP, expect about 6 years of tantrums like this from now on!

  plethora  |  3

Of course it doesn't.
I'm just a huge Potter geek who likes to argue canon.

If my parentals had done that for my 11th birthday, I would've been thrilled! Because I wasn't fucking stupid enough to think it was real, but it would have been a great gesture that showed they knew what I was into.

  L0veh8te  |  0

Dude your a fucken asshole for doing that to your daughter, What you think was going to happen when she waits and waits. You Inconsiderate Prick, FHL for having an asshole Dad. =)


#110: How do you not get this? The daughter likes Harry Potter, so the OP made her an acceptance letter to Hogwarts as a nice novelty. It's a good, well thought-out present that reflects her daughter's interests.

@OP: Something seriously wrong with your daughter. Sorry, but that is just messed up. No sane 11-year old believes that Harry Potter is real. I don't know where she got it from. I haven't heard of any 11-year olds believing in Santa, and we're told that Santa is real during our youth. Even when I was like 8 there was no concept that Harry Potter COULD ever be real.

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Okay, everyone seems to be forgetting that eleven year olds ARE idiots. Even if they know the book is fiction, they still WANT it to be real- and if the outside world gives them a glimpse of hope that maybe it's more than fiction, they WILL believe it because they WANT it to be real. I waited for my Hogwarts letter when I was turning eleven. I didn't really think I'd get one, and when I didn't I wasn't crushed, but if I HAD gotten one I'd probably have shit myself. This mother obviously has never been obsessed with something like 11 year olds can be with this book series. That, or she's just a bitch. She should have known better than to have made the poor kid think she was going off to live in a magical world and then taken it away. That's horrible. Just take her to see the damn movie.

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They don't actually, truthfully believe that it's real. They just want it to be real so bad that they jump at any proof that it is real.

I wanted a Hogwarts letter at 11. I knew I wasn't going to get one, but I still had that sliver of fantastical hope. Can't blame a kid for dreaming.

  RckRagman  |  9 was submitted by notawizard(woman) about a daughter. So I think it would be quite safe to say that it was sent by a mom, not a dad....unless, of course he's a tranny.

  AAAAHHHH12  |  2

Not all Twilighters are stupid. They just go with the alternate reality and make it their reality. They're ignorant and immature. Not all of them actually like Edward either. And related to what the OP was saying, a typical 11 year old still believes in Harry Potter, so they get excited about it and they still haven't gotten a grasp of reality yet, cut her some slack.

  Aniland  |  2

YDI for lack of creativity. If you could've gotten a giant to crash through the door and shoot her with a magic umbrella, then you could've been rewarded with a FYL.

No wait, that would be worse.

  americayay  |  0

Aww. The poor kid's not stupid. 11 is a varying age. Some 11 year olds are into makeup and some are still into Barbie's. Odds are, the poor girl knew Harry Potter was make believe, but wished otherwise and got the letter and thought it must be real.

This was mean.

  heymcfly53  |  0

I think the point it that kids wish things like Harry were real. It's an escape from reality, and from life.
If I got a Hogwarts letter when I was 11 and my parents told me it was fake, I'd probably have been jsut as upset. I'd know it was just a book, obviously, but it's just that hope for something a little better.

And everyone loves magic.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

You must be using an iPhone, where the OP's gender isn't displayed, I think.

On a web browser, it shows that the OP is a woman. I doubt she is the father of the kid if she is a woman. Hence, it becomes quite obvious that it's the mom.

  mattmalin11  |  0

But think, the kid probably didn't believe in HP. If you loved harry potter and got a real-looking acceptance letter from hogwarts you'd probably get excited too. she probably new it was fake in the back of her mind, but her excitement at the possibility probably blotted that out.

  Sarcasm_wins  |  0

Man, how young are you guys? HP didn't even hit the states until I was almost 12. And while the first book was pretty intense, I don't ever remember wishing for a Hogwarts acceptance letter...

  ivals  |  2

@157 Im a teenager, I never touched a Harry Potter book and have never watched any of the movies. I think Harry Potter is a boring movie and book.(no offense)

  juicyfruit23  |  0

seriously everyone STOP saying the girl is stupid... and by 11 she should no better. she WANTS to believe its real because she loves the books!! she probably wishes more than anything that its real and that she'll get to go to hogwarts. how did you not realize that when you wrote that letter??!! you definitely deserved it

  NicoleIAm  |  0

"@157 Im a teenager, I never touched a Harry Potter book and have never watched any of the movies. I think Harry Potter is a boring movie and book.(no offense)"

This does not make sense. How would you know that Harry Potter is boring if you have never read the books or seen the movies?

  thingymajig  |  0

@483 you've never touched the book or the movie, so how could you find it boring?
anyway, i'm also a teenager, and i love both the book and the movie, and YDI because i didn't believe that hogwarts wasn't real until i was 12 or 13(seriously. i'm not kidding).

  itsmeyippie  |  0

well at least if the daughter thought "Hogwarts" was real, best OP said it was fake or else the daughter might try to tame owls delivering messages, or waving at wand at people in a bathrobe.... plus either way she should know it's fake.

  insomniac8400  |  13

@7- Harry's letters came by owl dumbass in case you don't recall uncle Vernon calls both the post and the dairy trying to find someone to complain to. and haven't you ever seen the movie with like 50 owls on their house?

  nightflyer99  |  3

We all want it to be real though. Even as a 16 year old I remember the tiny hope I got when I turned eleven that I might actually be able to run away to a fantasy world. Sure it was a childish hope, but if I was pranked about it, it would be easy for me to fall for it because I want to believe that it's true. Maybe I'm just being silly but, the way these books are written, it makes me feel like Hogwarts is more of a home than my house, even if I can only visit through a book. Of course she would be disappointed to realize that she was led on, though I do admit she reacted rather poorly...

  DenBriZel  |  31

Doesn't mean anything lol when I was 11 I knew it was fake but I still had a small hope that maybe I'd get one in the mail and was still slightly disappointed when I didn't.

By  JADEstokesxo  |  0

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  sazure  |  0

I remember my mom writing a fake letter from the tooth fairy when I was about 5.
When I found out it was fake, I was happy because I got money from my mom. :D

FYL for having an unappreciative daughter, damnit.

  tab_ga1990  |  0


When I was 10 (2 months away from turning 11) Harry Potter came out on shelves. Kids loved those books walking around with as much stuff as they could find dealing with Harry Potter. If we got little letters in the mail claiming we were accepted there, we would of been so excited we would of peed our pants. It is a fantasy world our minds were in. It is the same for them, we are just older and been able to understand the books longer then they have. So we think its just a little weird for how crazy the kids are about it because we been able to experience it longer and for some of us (and remember I said some not all) it just got old and grew out of it.
She is just an 11 year old girl not even a teenager yet. She is still able to let her imagination run free who cares if she is 11 she doesn't need to go out and get a job let her. still play with barbies if she wanted to. Or what ever kids these days play with, the point is though she is still a kid.
Yeah I think she somewhat overreacted a little.
But what the OP done was sorta sweet, should of thought it through, but still sweet just trying to do something nice for her kid. But what theh OP could do is say sorry and take her to see the movie, if already seen it take her again if she likes the book/movie so much.

By  mynameisnotjudie  |  0


Ugg I can't even begin to tell you how terrible that is. The poor little girl! An eleven year old really has no way of knowing that was fake because the excitement blinds them ;- )

  ry274  |  0

This is absolutely not true. An 11 year old should very well know the difference. I am a nanny for children younger than that and they know the difference between reality and fantasy. While that girl should be excited about the letter, no reason to throw a tantrum because she found out Hogwarts was fake, which she already knew.

  watermind  |  0

Really? Because I know lots of much older people who believe in angels, devils, prayers and all sorts of fantasies. Truth is many if not most people keep some sort of delusional fantasy world as part of their own 'real world view' all their lives. It's good that she felt so bad about it. Maybe she will now think more before believing in other sorts of supernatural beliefs that people take for granted.

  ZuraLasgeon  |  0

Don't compare wizards to Angles, Devils, and prayer. Lets not make this a discussion about Religion, okay?

At 11 she should've known that the books/movies are a work of fiction, and shouldn't have thrown a tantrum like that. If that were my daughter, I'd ground her, and cancel her party for being a snob.


Lol that's the best diss on religion I've ever heard. People who take the bible literally are a bit weird

Still, that's because angels and all that stuff are presented as being real. No one has ever suggested that the events of Harry Potter are real.

  Failzoid  |  0

Uh.. those people that take the bible seriously?

Yeah. That's the most popular and oldest religion in the world.

And dude. Weird? What's normal in the first place?

Think before you speak.

  Tlizzle  |  0

It's definitely not the oldest religion in the world.

And I think the OP is an idiot. Why would she do this? It's just mean. There's no point to it but to bring a little girl's hopes up and then crush them. She's 11, not 13. There's a big difference in imagination and knowledge. The girl's not stupid; the mother is. And so is everyone who thinks the daughter is the one with a problem.

  MissNae  |  0

You need to think before you speak. Certainly not the oldest in the world, and it is only the most popular if you lump all the different branches of Christianity together.

OP, you are the only person here who would have any idea of your daughter's imagination level, I feel bad for you because you obviously thought you were doing something sweet but I feel sorry for her too as her own mother crushed her dreams.

  Tofutime  |  0

I think that Harry Potter should totally be compared to the bible. They're both fiction books. Some people choose to believe the bible (a couple billion actually,) so I don't see why an 11 year old girl can't believe in Harry Potter. And, yes. Christianity is far from the oldest religion in the world. It is actually just an extention of Judaism (Jesus decided to add some stuff on.)

  wienerwagon  |  0

#252, Catholicism alone has a larger population than any other religion.

But that aside, you are all being ridiculous make me want to vomit in my mouth. How does this relate to religion at all? Sure, they're both abstract belief systems that aren't based in reality, but one is at the very least somewhat based in history and taught to people as the truth for most of their lives while the other is written and marketed as a children's book. Of COURSE there is a big difference in believing that Harry Potter is real and believing in religion.

  Tofutime  |  0

#278, who ever said the bible was supposed to be taught as the truth? It might have just been written as a fiction book. And also, Catholisism isn't the largest religion in the world. That title belongs to Islam. You should look these things up before posting.


Ugh! Come ON people, lets not patronise. I know that most adults get crapped on by some of these kids' logic. 11 year olds are smart, and have the ability to discern the imaginary from the reality. It's adults that have a hard time separating the two. JK Rowling said it herself in an interview: all of these religious extremists were going on about how Harry Potter will turn all the kids into witches and daemons, and she was like 'you don't give your kids enough credit...' Sorry, OP, but I suppose your kid was just being dramatic. Maybe she was upset because Half Blood Prince has come out now; and the franchise is almost over; and she doesn't want it to end? Eh, maybe she thought the letter was from Jo Rowling, y'know giving her a signed letter or something? Or she might have thought the letter was a genuine prop from the first film? I dunno, I'm sure your daughter had her reasons. But I would have liked a present like that :)

  wienerwagon  |  0

#304, Christianity has approximately 2.1 billion followers, Islam has around 1.5 billion. Well over a billion of those Christians are Catholics while the largest sect of Islam, Sunni, is around the same size. So Islam is not the biggest religion in the world, and the branch that makes up the majority of it is no bigger than Catholicism. So to offer some of your own advice, "You should look these things up before posting." Although none of this should matter as this FML has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion in the first place, but good job trying to be a smartass.

  ahhahaha  |  0

No it's not. Jesus was a Jew. But my point is why is it weird for her to believe in harry potter but it's ok to believe the bible just cuz more people believe it

By  ichwillkeinengel  |  0

You deserve it.
When I was eleven I knew magic wasn't real but I still wished Hogwarts was.
You're cheapening the whole fantasy that's obviously important to her, and doing that would also give her a weird sense of false hope, which you then HAVE to snatch away from her. How is that a good idea?


How is he cheapening the fantasy? It was a sweet gesture. Would the gesture be less cheap if he bought an official acceptance letter with the word HASBRO plastered all over the back?

I just don't think he realized that his kid was an idiot.

  Structive  |  0

By the time I was 9 or 10, I found out that Santa wasn't real, and that my dad had been the one secretly eating the milk and cookies and writing me the "Thank you" note every year. Since I was already old enough to know the difference between reality and fantasy, I didn't flip out and cry at all. Mostly, I just thought it was a really cool gesture and that I had the best dad ever. I agree that your daughter is a little slow on the uptake.


Imagine for a moment that you're eleven, and in your mind the greatest thing ever would be to go off to school with your (imaginary) friends. And then when you're old enough to attend, you receive a letter and get exited, and then your mom tells you that she wrote it because "your little fantasy is so cuuute!"
It sucks when you tell someone a dream you have and they think it's "cute."

  Jimboom  |  11

There is still a difference between having a dream and reality.

I dream of being able to fly. But even if someone told me when I was 11 that I could fly by jumping off the roof with an umbrella or a kite I wouldn't have done it.

The fact that she got that excited and then upset shows she is still working out the difference between fiction and reality. Either that or she is a bit slow. Maybe she tried to fly off the roof on a broom? ;-)

  stanfordbound  |  0

look, yeah it was sweet and thoughtful, but she had really thought about it beforehand, she would've seen it coming. No, her daughter isnt stupid at all. She knew for a fact Hogwarts didnt exist, but she's eleven, she hopes and dreams. And to make that a reality, to want something badly and know it's fiction, then be led to believe it's not, and all your impossible dreams are true would be incredible...until your mom tells you it's all a lie.

You can't expect a little girl not to be that disappointed.


Who do you think is at fault for the daughter's lack of education, then?
No matter how you skew it, the mom is the one who's fucking up.

#100, thank you, you expressed that much better than I did.

  Hich17  |  0

When I was 8 or 9, I left a note under my pillow along with my tooth, asking for the toothfairy's autograph. I recognized my mom's handwriting.

Seriously - by 11, she should know. OP, I think that was a very clever idea, so try not to feel bad about it.

When you tell her about Santa Clause, you should first bring a Reindeer to your house, let her pet it for a while thinking it's Blitzen, then tell her. She'll appreciate the humor - guaranteed!
(I'm just messing with you, I really don't think you did anything wrong.)

By  xoxo_girl  |  0

Awwww! That is soo sweet! I'm 15 and I would have had the same reaction... Just cuz I think the characters are hot lol.
I would hve been mad if I found out it was fake also.
Harry Potter rocks!

By  ithedarkknight  |  0

lmao dude YDI I didnt vote ydi but lmao for kids... you cant do that she is a big harry potter fan... she probably dreams about things like this but stepping on your foot lol you should of bought a big ass wand and slap her ass with it show her some of your death eater magic lol voldermorts bitch!

By  JessTrek  |  0

Ouch. You did it out of love...but in a different context, it would be a cruel practical joke for an 11 year old. Next time, just buy her the costumes/glasses/plastic wands and be done with it.