By Jack - 03/04/2013 21:40

Today, my washing machine broke down, within its warranty. I asked my neighbour if she could open the door for the mechanic while I was at work; she agreed. When I came home, I had a bill for 80 bucks for not opening the door. Her reason? She was busy watching her favorite TV show. FML
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If you want something done right, do it yourself.

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I would make her pay the bill for utter laziness.


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Anything ranging between something as awesome as The Walking Dead or as overhyped as something like Glee.

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Maybe it was Jonny Quest. Loved that show...

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Supernatural. She was trapped inside holy fire and couldn't make it too the door.

1, it doesn't matter. That's a shitty thing to do to a neighbor! Damn, I'm lucky. I'm hospitalized right now and my neighbor is taking care of our dog and fish. He's going to be traveling the world for a year, starting this September and we are going to be checking on his place. What ever happened to having amazing neighbors that you could depend on?

How is that a shitty thing to do? Such is life. I'm sure if the neighbors' favorite show wasn't on she would've done it no problem. Like my teachers used to say, "Lack of planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part." OP could've got it fixed on a day they were off work.

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IT was Big Bang Theory of course! Bazinga!!!

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Well the repair man was obligated to leave the fine, but $80 seems a bit steep..

I think that is a standard call out charge. Don't forget, he still has to come back, so it's a bill, not a fine. You are paying for his time.

So true. FYL you can't really count on people

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Things suck when you can't trust your neighbors not to be assholes. Well good luck on that washer, op.

Never trust your neighbors. I don't think I have ever spoken to mine. That being said, I can't trust them. Also, none of my neighbors are around my age which sucks because I don't have a friend who lives on the same street. I wish I did because then I would have 1 friend that I don't need a car to get to. Btw, past fml's had neighbors who were either mean or not trustworthy so um never trust your neighbor unless they are someone who you speak to all the time and no just a hello here and there, or if they are a friend from school.

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I would make her pay the bill for utter laziness.

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I wonder how far OP'd get with a lawsuit...

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People need to have more integrity. Sorry OP.

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Why didn't u just scheduled the repair during a time you'd be home?

Probably because most people are at work when service repair is available.

I love that they don't seem to get that people have to work to pay for the items that need repair in the first place. And to make it more fun, you get the nice 4 hour gap of time that they could possibly show up. Is it that hard to include evening or weekend hours got people who don't have any options?

Sadly, in my experience, most of the time the window given for a service call is usually about 9 hours. "Sometime between 8 and 5".

I know! I've had a few cases where they haven't bothered to show up at all- that cost me $200 a day to miss work and sit at home for no reason (as a casual staff member). Nice. I've found that now I just tell them that I have a German Shepherd who is prone to attack (she's not, but she leaps convincingly at the fence), and they have to give me a smaller time frame as I have to leave work to tie her up and let them in. Not sure how or why, but it dropped the time frame to 30 mins.

It works! I do the same with a big faithful stray dog that we adopted. I even tell them that he is really sweet, but have attacked people entering the property.

Many contractors have worse hours than bankers., and it is due to their work. I know we should complain, but when they have a job that can get complicated really fast, that means that a later job quickly gets pushed back. I'd recommend checking around your area for a different repair person. Check on a site like Angie's List or something similar that advertises later hours that are more convenient to you. Good luvk, OP.

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"Oh, so sorry about that $80 bill. Here, I'll pay it for you." (begins rubbing furiously)

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No actually it'd be more like this: "You owe me for this!!" "Okay." (bends over)

If it was the season finale of "Walking Dead," she is punished with a swift kick to the shin. If it was "Honey Boo Boo," she must be destroyed by the eternal inferno of damnation.

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Or dismembered, stored in a barrel of sulfuric acid, then flushed down the toilet after her remains reach a sludgy consistency.

Sounds like the perfect setting for a Bones episode

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Actually that was taken from Jeffrey Dahmer... read about it