Pure evil

By Anonymous - 29/04/2015 16:06 - South Africa - Pinetown

Today, my sister's kitten walked away from his litter box, jumped onto the table, looked me dead in the eyes, then peed directly onto my laptop. FML
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Did this kitten just hate you from the start when it was in the womb? 0.0


Really? Advocating violence against animals? How about offering some advice, like try changing the type of kitty litter, have several boxes, make sure they're clean, and if that doesn't work take the kitten to the vet to rule out other problems.

Dumb and Dumber reference for all you idiots that didn't get it and went straight to attacking #1.

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#20 Why would he do that if it's not even his cat?

ratman775 27

OP, was that his last day in your house? ;)

In case you people couldn't tell, #46 was being sarcastic.

Did this kitten just hate you from the start when it was in the womb? 0.0

That was just the kitten's way of showing op that it's the boss. That and it gives no *****.

it sucks, but it's a baby. and being a kitten would be impossible to stay mad at

It just wants to show that its in charge. Fear the mighty kitten! Bow down, humans, or face the wrath of pee!

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That's why dogs are better. They may pee around the house but they don't do it intentionally. You just have to train them. Plus, dogs are better in general.

Depends on what you're looking for in a pet, and what kind of person you are. It's only a matter of opinion really.

Disagree. Male dogs do pee around the house intentionally. So do female dogs. It's a territory thing

"You just have to train them." As if you don't have to train a cat to pee in the litterbox..

Somehow, I doubt you have a cat like that.

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No cat gives a single flying ****!