By cathouse - 26/03/2011 19:27 - United Kingdom

Today, my family came back from holiday to discover that my little sister had messed with the cat flap before we left. Several stray cats were able to come in, but were unable to get out, and left shit in various areas around the house. FML
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YAY! Moar kittehs! You can never have too many kitties :3

TraceCase_ 19

...aaand had a big cat orgy for sure


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Just brings to mind a similar event. My mother was watching my house & left a window open. I came home to cats in my house that clawed everything & shit on my carpet. I really hate cats...

stupid mole man, wrong phrase to use there.

grizzvolleyball9 4

Lmao. LMFAO. just imagine all the cats strutting around his house.

A7X_LoVeee 10

yeah, how could you hate cats? the own everything xD

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looks like your cat's secret plan to have a house party while you guys were gone failed they all got locked in. I bet they were starving!!!

And now you see why I hate both cats and little kids.

FYL...but I accidentally hit YDI...fail

TraceCase_ 19

...aaand had a big cat orgy for sure

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No! bad kitty! - Eric cartman

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the kitty was being a *****!

hotscar 3

13, glad to see a fine ass girl knows her south park... which is where I am currently lol.

Did anyone else pause at the cat flap part and wonder if it was some kind of dirty phrase that you weren't aware of? Then, I kept on reading and it was dirty in another way. X-) niceeee

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Well, at least you like cats?

Just forget about the shit for now. With Easter just around the corner, you can have a productive Easter "egg" hunt in the near future.

KingDingALing 9

Now you're the "crazy old cat lady" of the neighborhood!

Awh man, that stinks. Pun intended XD ahh atleast I make my self laugh XD

tell me about it! their viscious and un-hugable. or trainable, cant do tricks, like XD

1) Cats can actually be trained, contrary to popular belief. 2) "They're." That is all.

3) Vicious 4) Can't 5) Get a haircut, you hobo 6) I like to say hobo

7) Yes they can, it takes effort. 8) Scratching a little versus getting mauled by a dog, dogs are worse. When was the last time you heard of someone being killed by their cat? 9) I agree, get a hair cut.

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10) cats are very clean. 11) I just wanted to say number 10.

12) I agree with 10, none of that poop scoop nonsense, no walkies, no grooming and generally able to take care of themselves. Cars ftw.

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I also have a dog to... they're both great animals. cats are easier to take care of, and dogs arenaturally more entergetic.

Really? Cool! And yeah I realised litteraly JUST after I posted the comment, but Im on my iPhone, so I couldnt remove it XD

..I'm a girl too ''/ In a girl's jacket...And girl's jeans...With make-up on... D:

Kid, it's 2011. With so many emo faggots how could we tell?