By blah - United States
Today, my mom took me to an AA meeting because she said I needed help. I have never tried alcohol in my life, and told them this. I was then harangued by the "instructor" because apparently one of the signs of alcoholism is denial. FML
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  juicedboi  |  7

You are already being punished. Might as well start drinking now. Walk in and ask if they've met your friend "jack". Tell them "Johnny" couldn't make it this week but he will come next week with "Douglass".

  NavySEAL13  |  0

tell her to shut her fucking face uncle fucker. and if that don't work you could take her out in a boat on a lake tie to cinder blocks to her and oops off the boat she goes. JK Jk Jk lol no she will say your to drunk to drive a boat. now the serious part tell your mom your not an alcoholic and to get a breath tester to prove it so if she thinks your hammered use it to show her your not. also you nay want to think about a elderly care/insane asylum for her. also if you are reading this I am just ranting on now so you can stop and this last part is if someone is reading the comment below mine READ THIS I wonder if there's a limit on the amount of words/letters you can put on a comment I mean is someone actually going to read this if anyone does it's gonna be the grammar Nazis well bring it grammar Nazis I'm ready to go also I'd like to say this since no one is reading this any more fuck the op life twice in the ear upside down 35000 feet over Russia well if your still reading this thanks for reading and fuck your life for taking the time to read this good job and if you read the whole thing the code word is taco thanks ???????u=??on?bye bye bye bye ciao ciao ciao ciao uncle fucker

  mystomachurts  |  3

There are no "Instructors" in AA meetings, there are meeting leaders who call on people to speak and THAT'S ALL. Unless you came in there, introduced yourself, and told them you didn't have a problem- you wouldn't have been asked to share. Furthermore, once someone shares everyone says Thanks for sharing and they move to the next person who wants to speak, they do NOT start talking back and forth to the person about whether they are really an alcoholic or not. This just doesn't happen. I'd bet a lot of money on it that this never happened.

  EspeonEve  |  1

Or you can get a bunch of bottles and put them under your moms bed and then you go find them, bring them to AA, and when she denies, you say: The first step is to admit you have a problem

  moop256  |  10

Maybe you need to shut the fuck up you fat ass American. at least my fucking country is faulting on debts it owes to third world nation like my own. its your fault for world hunger. further more it is due to western countries not stopping drug trafficking in afghanistan during the 80's and 90's that funded terrorist groups like the Taliban