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Today, my seemingly normal girlfriend decided to erase every girl's name out of my phone. Family and all. FML
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Sounds like an overly attached girlfriend song. Also, what is with all the jealous girlfriends lately?

She thought your aunt was trying to steal you ;)


Sounds like an overly attached girlfriend song. Also, what is with all the jealous girlfriends lately?

hippo1234 19

The holiday season is coming. They don't want to be alone and have their families make passive aggressive comments about how they'll be alone forever because they can't hold on to a man.

And I've noticed it's all in California too!

dani115 6

She thought your aunt was trying to steal you ;)

CadillacPimpen 6

I hope some one steals your account and changes your profile pic so il never have to see it again.

I hope someone steals your dick so your wife can't complain to me anymore

jujubunni5 9

Should have stopped after the first comment on my part for retaliating. I forgot you can't teach assholes how to be nice

Your first comment was nice so I guess you can after all.

39 was in response to a mean comment about their profile picture. Something about hoping someone will steal their profile or something. I guess the moderators deleted it, but left 39 out to dry and look like a nonsensical douche.

Just don't let her bitch slap your auntie OP!

heyy_tharr_ 5 are muddafukin HOT...damn..

Yeah, I would suggest dumping her. That be creepy. Or at least, have a very stern "what the **** were you thinking?!" talk.

KaeporaGaebora 4

Seriously. I would ask her what the hell was up. You don't just go through someones phone and just delete their numbers.

Just going through their messages can be rude.

I have had to have that talk unfortunately. Apparently it's not ok for me to have girls numbers in my phone even from before I knew her but its fine when she's texting other guys.

yousuck44 11

Wow, your girlfriend sounds like a bitch and an hypocrite

I believe she might be just a little jealous?

iseyixes 18

I think you may have found a bunny-boiler there. Run!

Dillyduzit 23

Believe it or not, girls do get insecure. That only means she has been cheated on before and wants to prevent it from happening again. Spend some time telling her how you feel about her and showing her how trustworthy you are, instead of writing FMLs about it :)

She erased his family, though. Unless he is openly into incest, that really isn't necessary... in fact, erasing every female is not necessary.

Are you THAT naïve, or just stupid? Does she really think the boyfriend would participate in some freakish incest orgy with his female relatives? If she thinks he's capable of that, then she shouldn't be dating him to begin with. My clinger senses are tingling. She also reeks of a 'Me, me, me, ******* PAY ATTENTION TO ME!' attitude.

unknown_user5566 26

I suspect #7 has been cheated on, and reacted by erasing everything in her next boyfriend's phone. Hmmm...

simplylost643 0

#7- Her rampant insecurities are NOT his problem, nor his fault (as far as we know). He's a boyfriend, not a therapist! She either needs to work through/ fix her problems, before affecting another, or lock herself away so she stops infecting the world with her crazy. You don't delete someone elses life (read: phone contacts) because you've been cheated on in the past!

She may not have known that some of those girls were his family members. I don't think it was right to do this without confronting him, but I do think she deserves some sympathy. She's probably extremely insecure, we don't know for sure. But if she is, the sooner she gets support the better. People complain about other people without being considerate and judge the person, but are you really helping the world and yourself? If people continue placing judgements without offering support, it's more likely you'll end up with another insecure person because they were also abandoned. You're not really helping the situation, you're only avoiding it

simplylost643 0

#42- She get's no sympathy! Crazy needs medication and possibly electoshock treatments. Not for the world to have to become it's emotional tampon. As for are we really helping the world by judging it, damn right we are! The less crazy in the world, the less ammunition we have to buy.

I'm sorry, but this girlfriend's behavior is bordering on the psychotic. Having been cheated on in the past may make you more wary of things that could reasonably be deemed suspicious, but it doesn't automatically make you psychotically paranoid. My ex husband cheated on me but I trust my boyfriend completely because he is a different man. I'd never dream of looking through his phone, much less delete his contacts. That behavior is just completely irrational. I agree the girl needs help and compassion, but not the kind her boyfriend can provide. What she needs is some professional psychological therapy and perhaps medication.

24 Do you mean me? Because I don't actually think that her boyfriend is actually into straight incest, she just didn't have a real reason to delete his female relatives

MidnaLink: No, I was replying to 7. To avoid confusion, if I'm talking to someone under a reply, I will either use their comment number or name. I actually agree with you. :) I didn't even see your comment until after I replied to 7.

That's not "psychotic behavior". Everyone handles situations differently. Being cheated on once or twice or even 3-4 times may not affect you enough to react the way OP's girlfriend did... But If someone's been abandoned and abused too many times it could really affect someone enough to over react

96 Thanks. I just thought it was me because I actually brought up incest.

101, I said BORDERING on psychotic. And I imagine that there is always a reason behind extreme paranoia, possibly including abuse and abandonment in this case, but that does NOT make her behavior rational, nor does it mean that OP can "fix" her or excuse her behavior. It seems to me that the girlfriend was trying to control OP by attempting to ensure that he could have no relationship with any other female, romantic or otherwise. Whether his girlfriend is damaged or not, OP shouldn't have to endure that type of controlling behavior.

Umm no. First of all, even if she's been cheated on before - you don't do that. You tell the person you're involved with how you feel, have a talk etc etc. And, in my experience, I've had that kinf of jealous boyfriends. Whyyy were they jeslous? Well because they knew they could not trust themselves, since they're were cheating on me apparently, and thus expected me to be just as big an.asshole. Arrgh Im too tired for this, hope anyone at all got my point.. x,D

Nonsense. What the girlfriend did was wrong and immature.

AwesomeNinjazz 3

I bet you trusted you husband too

143, I did until he started staying out all night and ignoring my calls, along with a host of other suspicious behavior. If my boyfriend ever starts doing the same sort of things, I will stop trusting him too, but until he gives me a reason not to trust him, I will trust him completely.

Last I checked psychotic can be crazy, and that girl is bat sh*t crazy. Being cheated on does not give anyone the right to invade someone else's privacy nor become controlling like that. If that's how she's acting, she needs to be single and work out her personal issues before committing to a relationship. If she's that paranoid because she's been cheated on so many times then she needs to evaluate herself in a relationship because clearly something is wrong with BOTH parties.

Telling your partner how you feel won't do anything. You can't control your partners choices but you can prevent them from making mistakes or going the wrong direction if you take a little control. I personally don't control my boyfriend, but I did delete one bitch out of his life. This girl was a lying manipulative bitch. I spoke to my boyfriend about her behavior multiple times and he didn't do anything about this homewrecker, so I took things into my own hands, told her off and deleted her off his Facebook and phone. My relationships been good since

karen1991 15

Did she also remember to delete her own?

Funny because your hook up girls are all secretly under guys' names? Haha I just know that some guys do that. Not that I'm checking. :P

perdix 29

I've also heard that some guys list their hook-up girls as companies. Companies have male and female employees, right? It may be apocryphal, but that's what I've heard;)

Hmmmm Thanks for telling me what to look for. (That is, if I ever become that "crazy") My BF claims to be involved with head hunting. It's all starting to make sense!

lyskiss 10

Yup, I'd say she normal, now go marry her and make it formal.