By Ann - 31/05/2011 16:47 - United States

Today, my 12 year old cousin decided that "all men are pigs" and deleted every male contact in my phone. FML
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Delete all of their contacts!

Even worse... switch the women contact numbers with the men contact numbers.

44 well have you seen kids these days? They have like a cell phone, an iPod, a car so when they are old enough to drive, and they even have their own house that their parents bought all of them.

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Omfg 44, twelve year olds have phones. They have like everything nowadays. Uggs, northfaces, phones, etc.

so? you have messages or you should have back up well that teaches you not to let 12 year olds see your phone

so? you have messages or you should have back up well that teaches you not to let 12 year olds see your phone

so punish her and take her privelaged belongings away...wait nevermind, parents let there kids do whatever they want these days

Take her to a farm and tell her to kiss a pig. If she doesn't do it, call her a lesbian.

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Agreed. Kids these days are spoiled bastards.

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105, they're not that naive.

66- your picture is funny.. and OP if that happened to me id be really upset, but i just dont understand why your cousin was able to get to your phone. you shouldnt just leave it out...

what parent would let their neice/nephew punish their child?

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Kids are so selfish. When I was younger I had POKEMON CARDS. Now they have iPhones and laptops and twitter accounts, getting cars at 15. I hate today.

It would be worse if the cousin's parents were both men

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must have been because a little boy stole her cookie on the playground. poor soul!

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Sounds like someone had her first heartbreak! Aww :(

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...and that is why you are not allowed to have children.

Excuse me while I file this under "overprivileged first-world suburban teenager complaints".

86 could be trollin but I wanna get this out there anyway: girls are just as bad

a lot of guys are pigs that is true but a lot of girls are bitches

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girls can be worse I've seen girls throw rocks and beat the shit out of this one girl they picked on at school....

No, but you do look like a pompous twat :]

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why are you guys thumbing this down? it's called a joke.....look it up.

OMG, there's a glitch in the Matrix :o

It's a joke, jeez. Are people not born with a sense of humor anymore?

Or people didn't stop to think it was a joke before viscously thumbing down his comment. Got to admit, didn't really sound like he was joking, so I guess I have to agree with you.

wow some people need a broom removed from their ass and a sense of humor badly

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I like how you changed your pic to a pig. Unlike others, I didn't think you looked like a tool or as someone put it, a "twat."

Thanks (: now I'm just making those other people look like idiots. I'll change it back in a little haha

83-no sense of humor, u try to come up with a joke & even u won't laff!

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What? You haven't seen an aqua waffle before?

eminemchick 19

ive contracted aqua waffle:(

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Hopefully you had your contacts backed up. :D

i dont care if i was a pig aslong as i was bacon

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She's right, we are. So, what are you doing later? ;) Oink.

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The "oink" part made me laugh ahah..