By nonfreehugs - 04/10/2012 05:09 - United States - Seattle

Today, a classmate came up to me, quickly shoved a dollar bill down my shirt, threw her arms around me and told me to pretend I was her boyfriend to avoid some other guy. Sad thing is, this is the first girl I've hugged in ages. FML
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tne201992 12

She only gave you a dollar? What a cheap bitch!

You got your first hug and you made some money? Sounds like a good day to me.


tne201992 12

She only gave you a dollar? What a cheap bitch!

Yeah, she should at the very least have bought you dinner. Like in a date, but she'd be paying.

OP could always go to Cthulhu for free hugs.

Well take it when you can get it I guess!

thelinlinx3 10

Exactly what I thought! Could have at least been five dollars.

I'm gonna say you deserved it, but in a good way. Most people should have Some good luck at some point to break their streak of bad. =)

You got your first hug and you made some money? Sounds like a good day to me.

It wasn't his first hug, it was his first hug in ages.

If she was the least bit attractive and if he was single (first hug in ages, its a safe assumption), he should've at least made out with her, if not tried to get some boob. Or, be a little more romantic if he's into her and give her the dollar back and say, "how about you keep the dollarand I'll be your boyfriend for REAL?"

Do ya not think it's a bit early to ask to be someones boyfriend, after one hug?

LiterOfCola 16

Awesome 5/20. You're just so logical! Quit being a buzzkill

Yup now he's going to go ***** on the streets to make some extra cash

12 - I pictured an aging man with a cardboard sign "will give hugs for food".

Hugs for a much for second base?

Forget that, how much for a home run. Making sure to do a slow walk through all the bases.

KiddNYC1O 20

Four dollars. Third is twelve. And home is $699.99.

Go back to her when the other guy is there again and shove a few coins down her knickers and say "here is your change. I don't think my hug was good enough so I owe you some change".

Become friends with Abby Scuito and you'll have endless hugs.

I wouldn't WANT those hugs to stop. She is very attractive in a mysteriously gothic sort of way. I see her listening to metal, enjoying some good action flicks, and being a bit of a gamer.

I know she's the coolest most adorable goth ever . As a goth , a gamer , and a geek I could only wish to be that cool. Also I would personally love a hug from Abby .^_^

Abby... Most, if not every, crime nerds crush :) Hard to believe she's in her 40's...

kittytub 12

65- woah, really? same with the lead actor from the big bang theory. he's 39/40. they both look twenty.

Cherish this moment! It's your first hug even though she paid you, which isn't bad.

Getting paid for something you enjoyed doing anyway - isn't that everybody's idea of a good plan? And you never know - it might have been an opening gambit in a plan to make you her real BF. She wouldn't have chosen someone she found repulsive after all....

haha man if she's paying you then you scored big time hahaha