By nonfreehugs - United States - Seattle
Today, a classmate came up to me, quickly shoved a dollar bill down my shirt, threw her arms around me and told me to pretend I was her boyfriend to avoid some other guy. Sad thing is, this is the first girl I've hugged in ages. FML
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  Drigr  |  9

If she was the least bit attractive and if he was single (first hug in ages, its a safe assumption), he should've at least made out with her, if not tried to get some boob. Or, be a little more romantic if he's into her and give her the dollar back and say, "how about you keep the dollarand I'll be your boyfriend for REAL?"

By  darwinism  |  30

Go back to her when the other guy is there again and shove a few coins down her knickers and say "here is your change. I don't think my hug was good enough so I owe you some change".

  Drigr  |  9

I wouldn't WANT those hugs to stop. She is very attractive in a mysteriously gothic sort of way. I see her listening to metal, enjoying some good action flicks, and being a bit of a gamer.

By  Ugi  |  26

Getting paid for something you enjoyed doing anyway - isn't that everybody's idea of a good plan?

And you never know - it might have been an opening gambit in a plan to make you her real BF. She wouldn't have chosen someone she found repulsive after all....