By Anonwymous - United Kingdom
Today, I asked my fiancé's daughter to use her phone so I could call mine which I'd misplaced. Busy with homework, she nodded. Only after she jumped up did I notice that she had my number listed with a humiliating nickname, and accompanied by a photo of her middle finger. FML
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  kaprookie  |  3

35- Thats not true i genuinely believe OP mustve done something to her, i hate my stepdad but i have a reason hes a total arse to me he treats my like shit and my mum backs him up every second of everyday even if hes wrong, so OP if your doing that to your future step-daughter YDI completely if not FYL.

By  failuristic  |  3

What Jonr93 said:

There are a lot of kids who hate/dislike the new "father figure" in their life, and I should know- I'm one of them. ;P
FYL OP, but on the other hand, don't take it too personally- it might be not so much that she hates /you/ as so much that she hates you replacing her dad or something like that :U