By Anonymous - 05/12/2012 04:09 - United States - Hudson Falls

Today, my science class found out that I have OCD and that one of my rituals is to cough when others cough. This is going to be a long year. FML
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zingline89 18

I have a similar OCD problem, I have to cum whenever I make my girlfriend cum....I haven't had an ****** in months...

*cough* That's a little weird* cough* Oh shit, that's not helping is it? Sorry, no more snarky coughs.


*cough* That's a little weird* cough* Oh shit, that's not helping is it? Sorry, no more snarky coughs.

Lbeck 7

You know whoever posted this is going to read these comments and self consciously have to cough. Lol

I think that was the point ;). Poor OP :(

It's weird, but in a strange way I admire the difference, even if its OCD. I'd find that interesting.. but also amusing!

KiwiExchange 16

Luckily, the year is almost over(:

Come on Pleonasm that's mean...*cough*. Oh shit sorry OP I didn't mean to it just came out *cough*. No

41: The school year.

56- Do you know the months in the year?... .

61, she's correct, it's nearly the end of year. just not the academic year which OP was on about :)

CremeEggs 6

It's almost over at this section of the world, which is why 41's comment does indeed make sense. Assuming kiwi's have the same school year system as Aussies (assuming 41 is kiwi due to their screen name)

SaintPeasy 3

Who cares? The world ends on the 21st anyway. I'm sure the apocalypse will make OP's OCD seem insignificant.

Assuming that it's an apocalypse and the Mayans didn't just get bored of writing the future.

73- On my phone is says OP is from New York, and as far as I know most schools in the US don't end until May or June.

Just imagine if two people of OP's OCD "type" ended up coughing.

Almost, 2. Almost...

crammer1 6

I am too...people cannot ever understand when you have OCD and they think it's funny to tease. I go nuts when people smack their gum during class. You're not alone OP.

CharresBarkrey 15

24 - That sounds more like a pet peeve than OCD.

It's not alright #3, we both know what you did.

42 - It's actually called misophonia. Take it from someone who has it. Severely.

*cough* Ahhhhhh! Dammit all..

Take some cough drops!

Halls don't solve OCD.

And op coughs after other people do.

OP does not have a cough... It is an OCD problem that they have, as it states right above in the FML.

zingline89 18

I have a similar OCD problem, I have to cum whenever I make my girlfriend cum....I haven't had an ****** in months...

Sounds rough...

This story was enough to make me come, thanks zingline89.

zingline89 18

Well shit Pleonasm, now I have to cum too. Thanks for making me cum to a guy, asshole.

12-foot-traffic a little "off" lately, Pleonasm?

Hey I'm not your girlfriend! Or did she come because I came causing you to come? All this talk of coming has me goinggggg!

13- wait...Pleonasm is your lady friend??? I'm so confused...

Jizz is just...EVERYWHERE.

What is 12-foot-traffic? 0.o

I was referring to you on comment 12. Sorry. And I was rhetorically asking if "business" has been slow in the sack lol

zingline89 18

17 - Yes. Who did you think it was in his profile pic with him? I'm not actually a clock, you know. Surprising as that may be to some.

How can I be YOUR lady friend, zingline, if YOU'RE the girl in my photo, unless you're the guy, which is me, which would make this while situation even weirder... O.O

You are now entering... The Twilight Zone.

I just read this whole thread, and now my head is full of f*ck! Pleonasm is somebody's girl, but he's actually a girl and she's a guy, and their phones are covered in ****. ...just....what?

Just don't push cough medicine during cold season. You'll look like a druggie.

Can you try and beat your OCD? Then you can show all those assholes who's boss!

"Can you try and beat your paraplegia? That'll show those doctors who's boss!" You can't just wish away a disability.

It's a lot harder to get over OCD than people think (though it certainly doesn't help that so many documentaries portray it as something that can be gotten over with sheer willpower and a bit of doctor's coercion). I have trichotillomania (the obsessive compulsion to pull and twist my hair until it breaks) and it's something I personally HATE doing. I'm scared that one day I'm going to have bald patches from all the hair-pulling. Yet I can't stop doing it. If I'm bored or doing nothing with my hands, I find myself pulling at my hair. And I don't even realize I'm doing it until someone points it out or I pull my hair so hard it hurts. It's a hard habit to break. Especially when your brain is telling yo you HAVE to do it. It's like this little voice is in your head saying, "Do it! Do it! You'll feel better once you've done it!"...except you never DO feel better. Because your brain is constantly telling you to do it all over again.

My mom had OCD in her teens and early twenties (my grandma and aunt do as well) but she somehow stopped before it got too bad. So it is possible, though just like with any mental disorder (I have anxiety, school phobia, and a bit of OCD) it's not an easy thing to do, and not everyone can do it (whether on their own or with the help of a doctor). I wish you luck though OP, I can't even imagine how terrible it must be.

Same for me. OCD in my teens and early 20s. I'm now 25 and my OCD rituals (mostly involving walking and clocks) have reduced dramatically. I think they were mostly due to stress. Recently taking control of my weight and happiness has helped me.

I have OCD where I have to push the cross walk button 3 times before I can cross it. If I don't I psychically can't make myself cross the street. It's definitely not something that I can just "get over" despite what people try to tell me.

I'm not sure what you would call it, but if someone has mismatched shoes or socks, it makes me physically ill and I can't look at them without getting really freaked out. I have to take my shoes and socks off really fast because I cannot stand for my feet to be different.

59- ah, paraplegia might be just a TINY bit different to OCD, next time you want to comeback at someone, make sure it's actually in category of relevance for it to make sense!

At least it's not farting when people fart, or sneezing when people sneeze, or laughing when people laugh, or jumping when people jump, or burping when people burp...or! All of the above! :O

Tis the season for *cough *cough coughing

Journey1996 9

Fa la la la la laaaa la la la la