By leannez - Canada - Abbotsford
Today, I dutifully attended my husband's local gig at a coffee shop. I thus found out, through song, about my husband's affair, in front of about 100 people. All of whom we both know. FML
leannez tells us more :
This is OP. I approached them both long before they made they affair public. (Which they denied) But he literally sang the song to me to make sure I knew. I walked out before it was over.
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  geon_olam  |  17

I'm pretty sure that castrating someone to make them sing soprano only works before the vocal chords mature. At this point it's too late. (Unless OP is married to a prepubescent boy.)

  donkeykongo  |  7

How sure can she be if her evidence is a song? Maybe he made it up for the sake of an intriguing story and lyrics, I know tons of songs where the lyrics aren't truthful. But yeah if he really did, well what a douche!

  Aspen_Grace33  |  27

Well, I'm guessing that she didn't just leave it at that. I'm sure they had a nice loonnngggg talk afterwards where he said something to prove her suspicions to be correct.

  Eelam_star  |  2

your comment blows and you took up one of the good spots

OP, if I was you I'd be relieved because life is too short to spend with this douche. Here is to hoping his Mother Fucker is rich.

  Eelam_star  |  2

Your comment blows and you took up one of the good spots. Don't worry FML community, here comes Eelam_Star to the rescue. Dundunnn, shit i got to think of something great. Here I go, the most must see comment ever. Are you ready? I guess not so you will never know, muhahhanuhaha

  Tezoma  |  28

Being with other women is incredible suffering. Definitely a good something to write about. These statements are peppered with extreme sarcasm.

By  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Ouch, Op, my condolences. :(
At least he really hung himself out to dry in the process.
But still, that's horrible both for him cheating on you and for not telling you Privately to your face. :p

By  BlowinChronic  |  18

I think any smart man would have seen you in the crowd and decided it was best to not sing that song haha. I hate cheaters though so I think it's good that you found out and can address it.

  DjeePee  |  24

There's no doubt that OP's husband is a jerk. I was talking about the other men who were singing the song.

If you have no ethics, you're imo not a smart man.

By  monocyte  |  4

He won't be very successful or popular then. Nobody likes a cheater. And he's singing about it? I have some rotten tomatoes in my fridge, let's throw them at him!!