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  hplover32  |  17

Same with me white tiger. I like certain things in certain places. also some people with ocd look at a project a few steps ahead and if it looks like they can't finish the way they want too they just don't even start.

  bellydancer82  |  15

I have OCD, and I usually don't feel like I need to clean everything. But, I do certain things in a specific order every day, always eat the exact same breakfast, count everything, and odd numbers really bother me. So if I leave the house I always turn the doorknob 4x to make sure it's locked. OCD can be a broad spectrum of things, which is why a lot of people annoyingly diagnose themselves with OCD because they have a small quirk. But it doesn't necessarily have to be cleaning and organizing everything.

  abraybro  |  27

Like what others said, OCD doesn't necessarily mean you have cleaning compulsions. I have OCD, but in a form called Pure O, meaning pure obsessional. Long story short, I obsess over my intrusive thoughts pretty much. It's such a debilitating illness.

  Avi8r  |  22

#6, Do you really have OCD? That ONLY affects you with patterns? I hate when people say they have OCD because they're just picky about details, usually it doesn't 'only' affect people with something like that, OCD is an anxiety disorder that usually has at least some type of affect on everyone 24/7.

  juliaseizure  |  7

I have a form of OCD (combined with a few other things) and basically it just means I get really obsessed with people and i hoard everything. I mean everything. One of my walls in covered in receipts that date back to like 2001. So my room looks like a total mess but it's perfectly organized to me.

  kirkaygri  |  18

It's not about cleanliness at all. It's about obsessing over something and not being able to function in life until it's 'correct.'

I have to have certain numbers of dishes and silverware. If a plate is broken or a fork thrown away, I obsess over it until I have to go buy new, usually not more than two hours after I find out it happened or I. can't think or sleep. I went through so many dish sets until I bought a set that can be replaced individually. It's weird numbers, too, not like 8 of everything, but 4 of this and 8 of this and 16 of this. I'm finally on a medication that helps me not obsess over it but I still like correct numbers, so it's not perfect, but does allow me to sleep with a broken plate in trash.

  inthehidden  |  16

Ocd makes me do weird things like wash my hands twice every time or wait in my car 10 seconds before turning it on or lock and unlock my door 3 times before I go to bed or count my steps. Stuff like that. It's different for everyone.

  cheshireau  |  26

My room is a mess but my computer and its contents are set out meticulously. I can't have the volume on anything on an odd number. I count when I walk.. It's different to each individual.

  Sora_McKain  |  36

I have to have my dishes set up in my cupboard a certain way. I don't mean that as "oh so and so put this plate where a cup goes" either. Each plate needs to be stacked in a certain order, my cups lined up in a certain order. Same thing with my forks, strangely enough only my forks.

I count my steps when I walk, and stairs when climb or descend them. The volume on my tv/computer/radio cannot be on an odd number.

I absolutely have to follow the exact same routine every morning (afternoons and evenings can change as much as they'd like but my mornings have to be the same).

If any of these things change I become irrationally upset, shaky, I get shortness of breath, sleeplessness, lightheaded, nervousness. It sucks sometimes.

Rarely though, I do sometimes get this feeling like I need to clean. Usually when this happens, it's like one thing. Like the kitchen is a mess so I have to clean, sterilize, and sanitize the oven. I would spend hours just getting that one thing to my specification of clean. But like I said, that happens pretty rarely.

By  pjsr  |  32

There are many types of OCD. Germaphobes are not neat freaks nor count syllables of spoken words in their head. It's not very sensitive or supportive of your mom.
But... if you're a slob, then YDI.

  Suaria  |  37

How does anyone deserve to OCD? It doesn't matter if the person is messy. OCD will affect anyone.

  pjsr  |  32

Of course she doesn't deserve OCD. The FML was about her mom's reaction. As I said, not very caring or sensitive of her mom, but if a person is called a slob because she's a slob it's only one person's fault.