By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I was walking home from work going over a railway-bridge, when a 12 year old boy standing at the bottom asks if I could help him carry his bike up, as he couldn't lift it. I did it for him, and was greeted on the other side by his father - who thought I was stealing it and hit me. FML
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  magicwings  |  0

Took the words right out of my mouth.
In America, you trip over a pavement and sue the paving company, the shoe company, the homeless person who saw you, and your parents.
In the UK, you get over it. Lol.

  TimmyM  |  0

yeah, only because they are learning how easy it is after seeing the Americans do it. Heard about something similar once, some kid climbed a fence to trespass, ripped his trousers on the way down and wanted the council to pay.

They laughed his fucking ass right out the office and he never got shit. Thats how you treat people. You don't compensate them.

  Kel_x  |  0

Yeah, seriously.
I hate the suing culture in America.
It's just pointless greed. It's bullshit.
In England people get the fuck over it.

  parallel  |  0

The McDonald's coffee incident was for safety reasons, too. The coffee turned out to be far too hot to be legally safe for human consumption.

A lot of the time, things don't get changed unless a loss of money is involved. It's not always just greed.

  Jincos  |  0

Or in the UK you bitch more about it. Stuck up, yellowed teeth, ugly fucking English cunts. Do me a favor and take that worthless redundant behavior off of FML and go outside and meet some friends.

  fawfulster  |  11

Correct me if I'm wrong #19, but isn't it also kinda illegal to curse? I mean, it's not like if I say "Fuck" and they send me to jail, but like, I insult my friend and he sues me... Am I right? I mean, I read in a magazine that someone got sued for swearing. Still, I may be wrong so fuck it.

  nomo_fml  |  0

If you actually knew anything about the case, you would know that McDonald's was repeatedly heating their coffee to temperatures that exceeded regulations and was not safe for consumption. The judgment against them was more for punitive measures to ensure that McDonald's actually took the case seriously. Something like $7+ million in punitive damages, and a couple dozen thousand for hospital bills.

Also, the woman suffered serious burns all over her body, including her back, and it was quite serious. A person shouldn't be served a drink (something meant for consumption) that hot.

  GEFStryker  |  28

I don't usually do this, but in this case, I just have to, and I am surprised no one has already called you on this matter.

You Sir, fit the term "Nitwit" in the most complete sense I believe I have ever seen. Stupid? Check. Foolish? Check. Lacking sense or understanding or judgment? Double check.

I would strongly advise you to do your research, or at least have somewhat recent knowledge of events that are taking, or have already taken place, before you post your insubstantiated and dim-witted opinions of said events.

Now to correct your uneducated post, I would bring forward the following relevant facts and and will link to several sources of the case of Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants.

First and foremost, if YOU ACTUALLY KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THE CASE, McDonald's was not "repeatedly" heating their coffee to temperatures that exceeded regulations. This was a corporate decision, studied, planned and executed in every McDonald's franchise in the United States and Canada. I would point you at this time to an internal memo provided at the trial stating these facts, but sadly, it no longer seems to exist within the confines of the online world. I could rant on and on about why this was done, but I will let you research the material yourself with the links I am providing below. I do apologise for not putting in footnotes, but the FML comments do not support HTML.

Secondly, skipping to the end of your post, Liebeck did not... let me capitalize that just to drill it in... Liebeck DID NOT suffer serious burns all over her body. A vascular surgeon determined that Liebeck suffered full thickness burns (or third-degree burns) over 6 percent of her body, including her inner thighs, perineum, buttocks, and genital and groin areas. She was hospitalized for eight days, during which time she underwent skin grafting. Liebeck also underwent debridement treatments.

Third, I would strongly advise that you either refrain from making up random numbers off the top of your head, or head back to pre-school and learn how to read numbers that surpass the three digit mark. I say this to lead into my next point, which is that of the compensatory damages and the punitive damages that she recieved.

The jury, after applying comparative negligence (In laymans terms, that basically means that the damages awarded to the plaintiff was considerably less then what it might have been, owing to the fact that Liebeck was found to be partially at fault), awarded Liebeck US$200,000 in compensatory damages, and $2.7 million in punitive damages. Quick fact: The jurors came about this number as a way of penalizing McDonald's for approximately two days of coffee sales, with the average sales amount being an average of US$1.35 Million.

Not at all shocking, these figures were lowered considerably by the judge, with the final payout being set at $640,000. This was appealed by both sides, and later an undisclosed amount believed to be less then $600,000 was settled outside the courts.

Now then, when all is said and done, don't you just feel like a complete jackass? I really hope this helps you learn, even on the internet where arguing is like competing in the special olympics, a winner is still a winner even if nobody else gives a shit. So check your facts, or somebody will come along and pwn your ass.



  AmadeusMop  |  0

...And that's why the US will no longer be a superpower in a decade or two. Not many Americans actually care about the rest of the world, and the US's global market is really suffering because of it.
And yes, I am an American.


yea, only you should take it one step farther, and explain what really happened, then while hes distracted you knife him because your still mad about him punching you, problem solved =D

  Lancer873  |  0

Oh I do hope your life's dreams are fulfilled now!!! May the whole world rejoice that you are the ninth person to comment on this post! Oh joyous day oh joyous day!!!

Please to be going to mother nature now and asking "I can has life?"

By  ireply_w_lyrics  |  0

"...I get knocked down
But I get up again
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I get knocked down
But I get up again
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I get knocked down
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And then you fight back, even though

"...I ain't as good as I once was
My how the years have flown
But there was a time back in my prime

When I could really hold my own
But if you wanna fight tonight
Guess thouse boys dont look all that
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