By danny5191 - United Kingdom
Today, I had a nasty cough, but I went to college anyway. When I walked into class, I could practically smell menstrual blood in the air. After a few coughs, our instructor gave me an "Oh, shut up!" After half an hour, she kicked me out for not "taking the class seriously". FML
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  Serquet70  |  3

101- I think OP is trying to say that there were many females in the class on their period, meaning many of them are going to be excessively grumpy.

  muzy  |  23

Is she even allowed to kick you out of the lecture? I mean with you paying tuition fees and all. You should have coughed in her face by "accident".

  dominic1221  |  6

*facepalm* Tell me you were just trying to get first post...

  mango260  |  9

Lols before knowing that it was a dude, I thought it was a girl on her period and when she coughed she gushed blood and could smell it..... Then reading the other comments I now understand :)

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Dude, metaphor
@ OP you should have asked her what was dripping down leg to piss her off(no pun intended, if you were special enough to read my comment and look at it... Umm... the way you looked at it), then proceeded to leave the classroom like a badass. *cue electric guitar in the background while OP walks in slow motion*