By ocdistheworst - 26/08/2013 20:05 - United States - Gardena

Today, I was formally diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive tendencies. My mom saw this as an excuse to make me clean the whole house top to bottom, because "Hey, you love to clean." FML
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Oh but of course you love to clean! Just like how people with severe depression just LOVE to feel hopeless and dejected every minute of their lives...

Wizardo 33

OCD doesn't always mean cleanliness, it just means order to your preference. Explain that to her next time.


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1PersonIsMyWorld 22

no she doesn't. she's taking advantage of her child's misfortune.

No OP's mom sounds like an idiot and a bitch.

Pwn17 25

If that's your definition of awesome, then you should go see a proctologist to see if they can remove your head from your ass.

Yeah so awesome she takes advantage of her child... Great mom

sammyjanette 17

Give it a rest people. It could be a lot worse. Op's mom is just trying to make light of a tough situation. Forced labor? Really? Does OP live in the house? Then she should certainly help by cleaning it.

The1CalledGOAT 11

opportunistic is the word I'd choose to describe her mom

sammyjanette 17

Pwn17, I think you would be better suited to see a proctologist, so that they can remove the stick from your ass. OP's mother isn't abusive, and she was probably just trying to lighten the somber mood. Some of you are so ridiculous. It's no wonder how ****** up this generation is when so many of you are ready to verbally attack your own mother because she wants you to help clean the place where you get to live and eat RENT FREE.

Pwn17 25

Ok, you're jumping to conclusions. I never said that OP should verbally attack their mother. I also thought, as most others at that point thought, that 1 was saying OPs mom is awesome for forcing labor on her by taking advantage of her OCD, which may not be the case, but at the time I thought it was. Also, you don't know me. You read a comment I made about something on the Internet. So I make you lose faith in this generation? Also people , enough with the "this generation" bullshit. Compared to the previous generations, this one has issues, but not as severe. Look at the rampant racism, sexism, and homophobia of the other generations and then tell me that this is the worst generation. I didn't think so.

55- I hate when people say parents let their children live rent free. It is the parents to choice to have kids or not. You should help your parents out to be nice, not because you live "rent free." OP probably feels like crap because he learned of his ocd. The mom should make him feel better. I don't think cleaning was a joke to lighten the mood. If it was a joke, op probably wouldn't have cleaned and it wouldn't be an FML.

gentrysu 10

You should help out around the house to learn responsibility. Sadly many kids these days have a sense of self entitlement. As for the mom having her clean the house top to bottom....we don't know if she was kidding or serious. We don't know the full circumstances.....its hard to tell by two lines of information. Cleaning can actually be therapeutic for many....myself included.

sammyjanette 17

I'm jumping to conclusions? I said and I quote "some of you are so ridiculous". In no point in that portion of my comment did I single you out. You took my words and twisted them in order to jump to SEVERAL conclusions. I believe that would be the pot calling the kettle black. As if racism and sexism don't exist today. People have just learned to hide it better. Once again forced labor? If you live in a house, and you participate in dirtying it up you damn sure better help clean it.

Pwn17 25

What?! People are just better at hiding it? Are you freaking kidding me? Sure, there are still those rednecks and older people who hate people of race and view women as objects, but this generation is way, way better now than it was during the majority of the 20th century. There have been huge strides in feminism and now anybody can drink from any fountain or sit wherever the **** they want on a bus or do a lot of other things they previously couldn't. As for here, you singled me out in the first part of your comment, so I was still targeted by you, and saying something to everyone else in another part of your comment doesn't change that. Nobody said anything about verbally attacking someone's mom, and I get now that you didn't think it was forced labor, but it's kind of on this site for a reason. You made a bad comment. I've been there. Anybody who's made more than 10 comments has. Even some of the most beloved commenters on this site like Noor, Perdix, and DocBastard have. Nobody's perfect, we don't hate you, just let it go.

sammyjanette 17

Did I on any occasion bitch about the fact that my comment got thumbed down? I'm not making excuses for my comment because I still stand behind it. As for no one verbally attacking anyone their are several people commenting that OP's mother is a bitch for making the OP clean. That is absolutely ridiculous. LOL your naivete is seriously cute. We've just replaced the n-word with words like thug and ghetto. LOL women aren't viewed as objects anymore? That's why there's a titty bar on nearly every corner, and women in power who are not attractive are often ridiculed...I need to come to your part of the world. It must be awesome to be so completely and utterly OBLIVIOUS. Though they do say that ignorance is bliss.

Pwn17 25

Right, I'm naive. I'm the one who tried to be nice to you, because I thought maybe you felt ganged up on or something. But you've made it clear now that you are an absolute bitch. Sure, racism and sexism haven't gone away, there will always brain dead bigots raised in brain dead families out there, but are you seriously saying the racism today is as bad as the times where there were signs just about everywhere that said 'whites only?' Or how about when women were almost nonexistent in political power? There's this thing you should know about, it's called the ******* Civil Rights Movement. Anybody with a brain should know that despite current issues still persisting, almost none of them are as bad as they once were. Don't get me wrong, this generation is shit, people are ******* morons, but the thing is, it's been that way for a really long time. Maybe you should take more time to actually read my goddamn comments in which I do say that those problem are still around, just not as bad. There will always be smart people, but there will also always be brain dead ******* idiots. Also, for the last time, taking advantage of OCD is wrong. If her mom simply asked her to clean part of the house, it would be fine. But she willingly had her clean the whole house while she sat on her ass and did nothing. To quote you, that's 'awesome.' She posted it on FML, clearly she doesn't think it's awesome. But you know what, fine. Come live in my world. My world full of people I hate, and with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and so much more. My world where I and many others experience discrimination and bigotry for the stupidest shit. You are a heartless **** and you've said enough. Do us all a favor and go **** yourself.

sammyjanette 17

You tried to be nice to me when your first reply to me stated that I had my HEAD UP MY ASS. You seem to be quite forgetful.

sammyjanette 17

No, you can go **** yourself. I'd rather be a "heartless bitch" rather than a naive ****. Let me guess you're a white male, so to you of course racism and sexism aren't that bad today to you. In the days where racism and sexism was overt you could at least avoid those people, but now they're hidden, and MANY are in positions of power. There is no fighting against the racism and sexism around today. Why do blacks get more prison time than whites for the same crimes committed? Why are women killed at a 6:1 ratio by their husbands? Why are only 10% of managerial positions held by women? Why are 1 in 3 women raped compared to 1 in 7 men? 83% of Congress is white when white people only make up 65% of the general population. Only 17% of Congress is female. Yeah everything is fine, and dandy today. You are completely clueless.

Pwn17 25

Oh my god, shut up, you stubborn ******* moron. Are decidedly ignoring the parts of my comments that'll say that things suck severely, but not AS bad as the 1950s or something? You cannot sit there and tell me nothing AT ALL has improved even just a little bit since then, and if you do, then you are in serious denial. I know your going to reply, so just message me privately, we've already flooded up the comment section as it is.

mpj13 8

Wipe that frown off you face and start cleaning!

JustStella 28

It's obviously not that simple.

No, I'm pretty sure OP's mom is just misunderstanding what OCD is like for OP.

I don't think that everyone that has OCD necessarily loves to clean but rather feels like they have to...

Not everyone that has OCD necessarily needs to clean either. It can manifest in many different ways. Counting steps, turning lights on/off, closing doors multiple times.. whatever your brain wants to fixate on.

That is correct. I have OCD and my house is messy, but my money all has to be oriented the same way in my wallet, my pens and towels need to be in order, and I absolutely cannot trust that my wife locked the doors. Even if I watch her do it, I have to test it.

hcollins1 18

I'm somewhat the same with 36, my room is a wreck but my money has to be a certain way in my wallet, my truck has to be clean, certain things have to be even, I tend to count my steps, randomly if one hand or foot brushes or hits up against something, the other side has to do the same thing otherwise I can't stop thinking about it until I do it.

I have this wierd ocd habit thing where I swaller air bubbles and they have to be even. like small on the right side of my mouth. big in the middle and then small again on the left side.

I have OCD. I hate cleaning. It's not about keeping things clean. it's about rituals, like having to brush your teeth 2 times before you go to work.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I'm like #45. If one of my hands brushes up against something (not everything I touch, just certain things), I've got to touch it with the other hand the same number of times or the hand that touched the object in the first place feels heavier. That happens when I'm walking, too; if I step three times in a concrete square with my left foot and four with my right, I have to reverse it on the next part of the sidewalk or I feel uneven.... I'm sure there's more I do, I just can't remember right now. :P

perdix 29

For what psychiatric treatment costs, your mom needs to get her money's worth while she can. Once you are "cured," you'll just be another garden-variety slob, like myself.

she insisted on taking me to a physiatrist, actually. I offered to pay, if that changes your thoughts.

Oh but of course you love to clean! Just like how people with severe depression just LOVE to feel hopeless and dejected every minute of their lives...

She's been cleaning for you for your whole life OP! Who do you think wiped your butt when you were in diapers? Aliens!

hcollins1 18

Obviously babies can take care of themselves. Not all parents, unfortunately, takes care of their own. Like the mother who got mad because her 3 week old was fed formula instead of koolaid.

Trash the whole house and when she confronts you about it tell her you "sort of cleaned the house".

Ari1337 15

I don't think that will work...