By whitecollar - 05/12/2012 02:43 - United Kingdom - Scarborough

Today, during a conversation, my boss said, "What, what?" Before I could stop myself, I replied, "In the butt." FML
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Oh Butters, how you should restrain yourself...

At least you didn't ask him if he wanted to do it in the butt, in your butt.


Oh Butters, how you should restrain yourself...

If OP is 11 then it is understandable that they couldn't.

Damn, 11 year olds are getting jobs and I can't? I can't seem to get a break.

Kids repeating stupid bullshit they heard? Yep, that could only be this generation, right, 38?

This guy and the guy who said that's awesome to the serial killer thing to his boss should be best friends...

LiterOfCola 16

71 - That song was a viral video on Youtube before it was featured on South Park.

LiterOfCola 16

Yes but we were talking about South Park. He replied to a South Park thread. Also, YouTube isn't media either.

imavelociraptor 6

Internet, Tv, magazines... Really anything advertised in any way is the media...

New label: office freak. Or he may have just found the "third" he and the misses were looking for...

StubbornDonkey 10

You sure this isn't the person that saw his boss at the S & M club?

Just be glad you didn't say chicken butt, then you would have come across juvenile, instead of merely having interesting taste in music, unless your boss didn't get the blurted reference.

Lmao! You should see my mothers face when I walk by and go "what what?" I just hope your boss has a sense of humor and laughed it off.

This is the best FML ever. I just hope your boss shrugged it off.

Obviously the boss didn't since this is on FML...

If this is the best FML you've read, then you really haven't been reading for long. But hey, everyone's entitled to their opinions :D

Lol I totally agree. That video is so funny!

chrissy2 28

Good! Now he thinks you're gay.

zingline89 18

Hmm I don't believe we know the gender of either party involved here...

chrissy2 28

Just an assumption from the conversation.

CharresBarkrey 15

Or now he knows you're a South Park fan.

It didn't originate on South Park either.

chrissy2 28

It was a YouTube video. A gay guy created the video, went viral, ended up on Tosh.0 and then south park.

Does anybody else wonder what the boss said afterwards?

Who doesn't, I was disappointed that the story ended before he told us what his boss ( possibly ex-boss) said in response

SystemofaBlink41 27

51- whoa! That goes a long way back?

At least you didn't ask him if he wanted to do it in the butt, in your butt.

I read that in Stewie's voice thanks to your profile picture