By no more tp - 17/02/2011 06:22

Today, I ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom. I was forced to use tissues to do the job. As if that wasn't bad enough, the sanitizer in the tissues gave me a rash that made me have to stand up frequently in the lecture hall. Several people asked if I had Tourette's. FML
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are you sure you didn't use bathroom cleaner wipes ... facial tissue doesn't have sanitizer in it.

In this type of situation, you need to immediately crap your pants, take the pants off, and set an eight year old kid on fire. "How would doing these actions help my situation?" you're probably asking. I can't hold your hand every step of the process. Sometimes, you need to figure out the next part of your plan yourselves. By the way, since this is a Tourette's thread, where the hell is KaySL, Sirin, and mercyFML at?


Poor you :( This is an example of a true FML! PS I moderated this :D

As did I! And OP, sounds like a shirty situation!

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Yea right you know how that rash got there don't lie I saw 2 guys 1 jar!!

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YouTube "tourretes guy-best of tourretes" haha

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Yeah, it's a serious condition in which-MOTHER ******* **** SUCKER! ...shit.

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Tourrette's not funny. Drugs aren't funny. Suicide ain't funny. Alcohol's bad, m'kay. Smoking kills. Fat people deserve respect. Sex is wrong before marriage, too.

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calm the **** down. people have different senses of humor. Build a bridge & get over it.

and lots of other ppl are serious about certain this ccase its tourrettes, so shut up

#39 Now what will stupid high school kids laugh about now?

Tourettes syndrome is a serious matter, this on the other-hand is not.

Oh yeah, so serious. A friend of mine who actually has it jokes about it all the time. He doesn't take it seriously.

When you run out of toilet paper, just shower the dirty away :)

If people think you have tourettes then give em tourettes!

zowieandzander77 1

are you sure you didn't use bathroom cleaner wipes ... facial tissue doesn't have sanitizer in it.

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puffs plus lotion is probably what op is talking about.

Next time, check for paper before sitting down...and wash your booty when you're done. Just sayin. Rashes take a few minutes to develop...that's time enough to grab a wet paper towel, or cloth if you're at home.

#10, that's all well and good, you're right, it is smart to check for paper- but when you gotta go, you gotta go and sometimes there's just not time for the formalities!