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  4dices  |  0

i agree with you ! A relashionship isnt about sex or touching each others .. Be happy that she is bit a whore and i think that you dont deserve her . what do you want op , a girl who sleeps with everybody !??

By  Rainbowsareshiny  |  0

okay, i don't care how many of you are girls and saying he should break up with her. sure..its a little strange, but you don't know what's causing her to wait. maybe it IS because you're not being a man, but if you try that and she still doesn't want to, it could be something a little more serious than she took an abstinence pledge.
jeesh. assholes, I TELL YOU! hahahahaha
but seriously, communication my friend. COMMUNICATION!

By  Eir_fml  |  1

A girl I loved (and might be starting to again) isn't particularly religious, but she's still a virgin (she's a good friend of mine and has no reason to lie about this, nor can I easily remember anything she's lied about) and has been going out with her bf for 4 years now. I like her more because of it. Girls with morals aren't a bad thing.

  lil_ham1644  |  29

Ok, yeah I waited until I was in love with my bf & then a little bit longer for sex (it was about a year). But eventually I just wasn't scared anymore & realized that by doing it, it made us that much closer & love each other even more because of sharing something so intimate.
4 years is a long time, in my opinion, especially if she isn't religious. It was a trust issue for me, not particularly "morals."

  lil_ham1644  |  29

But after a while, no matter what, people want their relationship to get to the next level (whatever that level may be). Eventually, the next level will be sex. It is a great way of showing how much you care for, love, & trust the other person.
All these people saying you can have a relationship without sex might have a perfectly good relationship now, but eventually, someone will want to get to that next stage.

By  mizled  |  0

Well hopefully you aren't just dating her for sex, but if it bothers you so much talk to her. She isn't a mind reader. If you two want different things maybe you shouldn't date. END of story.

By  l33tm0nk3y  |  0

Oh, poor baby, your girlfriend won't touch your member. There's more to love than just sex, stupid.

And if it bothers you that much, the solution is simple: dump her and find a looser woman. Duh.