By jobless - 20/01/2009 16:52 - France

Today, I've been dating a girl for a year and she's only touched my penis twice. Once by accident. FML
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infantrygirl 0

Oh, shut up. If you can't stand to be with a girl who has morals, you don't deserve her.

popcorn_fml 0

it may be hard for some of you to believe but you CAN have a relationship without sex.


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they should be called groundies, because your more likely to end up on the ground than the roof. :D

Fab0luZ 0

Haha The Hang over.!! Awesoomeeeee.!!! :]

greenman is hilariousa

Cealinus 0

that's fucking dumb ever hear of rape.

you know all about that don't you greenman

Based on your pic, I'm sure that's your method of choice

If u look he's clearly not 23

Dr_Phil 0

Are you sure you're dating her?

infantrygirl 0

Oh, shut up. If you can't stand to be with a girl who has morals, you don't deserve her.

i agree with you ! A relashionship isnt about sex or touching each others .. Be happy that she is bit a whore and i think that you dont deserve her . what do you want op , a girl who sleeps with everybody !??

how about with him at least?

be patient! taking things slow is actually pretty exciting.

agreed teenagers will have sex but doesn't mean they should

EmDizzle2007 28

yep... the exact kind of dumbass comment I expected.

okay, i don't care how many of you are girls and saying he should break up with her. sure..its a little strange, but you don't know what's causing her to wait. maybe it IS because you're not being a man, but if you try that and she still doesn't want to, it could be something a little more serious than she took an abstinence pledge. jeesh. assholes, I TELL YOU! hahahahaha but seriously, communication my friend. COMMUNICATION!

Agreed !! If you two have been dating for a year you should be capable of talking to each other about things like this :)

or they could be 14 and thus she's just not ready to have a baby.

Yeah or maybe they're kinda young and she's just waiting

Eir_fml 1

A girl I loved (and might be starting to again) isn't particularly religious, but she's still a virgin (she's a good friend of mine and has no reason to lie about this, nor can I easily remember anything she's lied about) and has been going out with her bf for 4 years now. I like her more because of it. Girls with morals aren't a bad thing.

Ok, yeah I waited until I was in love with my bf & then a little bit longer for sex (it was about a year). But eventually I just wasn't scared anymore & realized that by doing it, it made us that much closer & love each other even more because of sharing something so intimate. 4 years is a long time, in my opinion, especially if she isn't religious. It was a trust issue for me, not particularly "morals."

popcorn_fml 0

it may be hard for some of you to believe but you CAN have a relationship without sex.

dragonstrike94 8

What!?! Really ?

wubbazugg 5

Yeah.. If you're asexual.

But after a while, no matter what, people want their relationship to get to the next level (whatever that level may be). Eventually, the next level will be sex. It is a great way of showing how much you care for, love, & trust the other person. All these people saying you can have a relationship without sex might have a perfectly good relationship now, but eventually, someone will want to get to that next stage.

Not unless you are asexual.

ughidgaf 0

lol so long as she's not doing it for anyone else, you're alright.

mizled 0

Well hopefully you aren't just dating her for sex, but if it bothers you so much talk to her. She isn't a mind reader. If you two want different things maybe you shouldn't date. END of story.

luvs2spooge 0

that wasnt too funny

l33tm0nk3y 0

Oh, poor baby, your girlfriend won't touch your member. There's more to love than just sex, stupid. And if it bothers you that much, the solution is simple: dump her and find a looser woman. Duh.

Gemma_Mansonite 20

I agree. Does he want a slut? Then he should find a fucking prostitute. OP's girlfriend can do much better than OP in my opinion