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Today, while in class, I desperately had to fart. Someone in the room had a coughing fit, so I took that as the chance to let it out. When I was about to release, the coughing stopped. I couldn't stop in time. FML
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Tell the teacher to let you go to the bathroom, step outside, fart and come back in >.>.

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Tell the teacher to let you go to the bathroom, step outside, fart and come back in >.>.

either way, having to fart during class hours stinks.

but if leave and come in to quick people are gonna think you didn't wash your hands. so bring pencils to lodge in the roof for 2 mins:)

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thats what bathrooms are for, unless your teacher is a total bitch, fart as much as you'd like in class, so she'll start letting people go to the bathroom.

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smile and wink to whoever stares at you ;)

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how embarassing i did that before but i was playing with a chair and I just so happened to be sitting next to my crush

In both of the high schools I went to in New York, the bathrooms were locked the first and last 10 minutes of class to avoid kids going in there and smoking/talking on their cellphones/texting/or just clogging them. If you asked to go then, they'd tell you to wait till the 10 minutes were up, go during lunch, or if it were an emergency, to go to the nurse. Also, you had to sign a sheet to get out of the classroom, and you had to bring a hall pass with you. You also weren't allowed to go to the bathroom if you went once a day, like, every day during that particular class. This guy wouldn't have made it in time if he were in my shoes. :P

Some teachers won't let you leave. I know I had bitch teachers that wouldn't let anyone leave unless you were throwing up or something.

Timing farts require skill. it doesn't always come when you want it to.

Who cares..? Everyone farts so I don't know why people act like it's gross.. Haha!

Don't even ******* start those "shitty situation" puns.

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75- because they loved it? I didn't notice until now!!

The OP should have coughed after he/she farted.

The OP should have coughed after they farted.

Sorry about the second comment, FML is being homosexual and not posting my comments.

53- i haven't seen ONE of your comments get thumed up. im pretty sure that should be telling you to shut the **** up.

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trust me, it happens all the time. if it makes you feel better in fourth grade I farted and sneezed at the same time when it was completely silent and everyone just stared at me.

If you're a girl you can just get a pad and tell the teacher you have your period. They'll let you go but you have to be careful because they're not gonna believe you have your period every week lmfao

that sucks, what about girls though? :s

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I myself wondered the same thing. o.O

rule #1 dude always cough over your own farts.. just in case.. for insurance

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Or set off a stink bomb during a two hour exam... or maybe OP did...

hehe the two fmls might just be connected...

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I can't tell if it's a human or some kind of fish-like bug

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or sneeze fart. that's really embarrassing. lol

115- Ew? There was this guy in my 5th grade class who could fart on command and my stupid teacher made me sit with him 2/3 of the freaking year..

I agree. If u sharted then u would of run home.

oh hey luv rap and em 2:) and vegetables :D do ya play an instrument?

How's this an FML? So you farted, it's a part of life. seriously why would you think your life is ****** just cause people heard you fart??

hahaha that happened to a kid in my 5th grade class... it happens. just try to laugh it off :P

if you laugh people will be like , eww thats not funny ur grost , or something :p

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You spelled gross wrong. That just one out of seven mistakes in that so-called sentence. Go back to first grade, then you can tell us what to do. Toodles!:)

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You look mature for being in the 5th grade. By next year I predict you'll be able to buy beer and the year after that you'll be able to get your senior citizens discount.

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damn some people take grammar very seriously. it's so funny how irked people get.

enonymous- she didn't say she was in the 5th grade! UGH stupid people piss me off

43 - yet you still got almost as many thumb downs as her.

it's called sarcasm ! UGH stupid people piss me off

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43 - Wow, get a ******* life! Just because she accidentally spelled gross wrong doesn't mean you have to be a bitch about it. You spelled "that's" wrong. You're a dumbass and you should be ashamed of yourself for making a mistake. Why don't you go back to third grade and learn about conjunctions.

That happened to me once in 3rd grade, I was having a hurting stomach so I pushed too hard to let gas out and it all came out at once, it was so loud and it was also in dead silence! lol

I USUALLY JUST PRETEND TO PRESS ON MY NOSE AND SAID"who fart?"(only when it's smelling)

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Well... I'd like to say "Not a big deal." But I'd get thumbed down. So, FYL.

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Well, its the thought that counts; that's part of why you're voted down.

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Woah. disregard that last comment. Thank you.

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#6~just you always base your decisions on what you think other people will think?

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160- No. But with this crappy thumbing system, I HAVE to write what other people like or I'm hidden.

Thats probably because there are two outcomes of such an situation: No one notices it or everyone does. This site has a strong bias towards the latter one which doesn't mean that it is the average case.

Um... I might be wrong, but I don't think the air bubble could reverse it's path and travel all the way back up through your intestines, stomach, and esophagus...

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Go for loud and rumbling, with a room clearing stench. If you get it, pure win. More likely you will fail and it will go unnoticed, win for everyone else.

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I don't understand how people actually try and let out farts in public. at least go to the bathroom or something. we've all learned through this website that trying to silently let it out never happens the right way.

Yes but people who are new to FML are goin to keep learning because there is going to be more of these.

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and what exactly is "the right way"?

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we have also learned this from step brothers. good movie.

Just act like you don't care and people won't say anything. I think.....I haven't tested out my logic yet.

Nope doesn't work. Trail always leads back to you. I can never hide it.

Well, I'm retarded. I commented on the wrong thread.

You don't have to do everything to learn from your mistakes... You could have just watched some movies, because this is common, and learnt from them