By Anonymous - 04/06/2009 07:57 - Puerto Rico

Today, at work, this lady comes up to the counter and asks me for some napkins. She came up to the counter 5 times, when my boss told me to find out what happened to her. Her daughter had puked all over the table and floor, she had covered it with napkins and then left. I had to clean it up. FML
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moniescri tells us more.

guys I wrote this FML... to clear some things up... I was working at a fast food restaurant, not a real restaurant(not fancy and all that). So I was behind the counter and couldn't go out to look at what had happened to the dumb moron that kept asking for napkins. Then my boss came out and told me to go and check, when i went to the table, that lady saw me, took her kid, and RAN theough the door. Then I told my boss what had happened and he told me to go and clean it. SAdly, I couldnt find that moron that did that, but if i ever see her, shes gonna get it! #103-104: jeje :D


Find out where she lives and piss on her porch.

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or find out where she lives and poop on her deck

wow what a bitch... if you see her again throw up in her food

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That really does suck, she could have at least asked for help cleaning it up

This reminds me why I hate people, sorry you had to deal with it.

Should've picked up all the napkins real quick with some rubber gloves and run it out to her in a take out bag. I love how many people think behavior of this sort is acceptable. You are responsible for your kid no matter where you are and therefore responsible for their messes no matter where they are.

A lady came to ask for napkins 5 ******* times, and you didn't bother going and seeing what was going on until your boss stepped in and told you to? Jesus, you are one shit employee. Ever heard of initiative?

I had to clean the restrooms after someone puked all over the room. I don't know how someone hits two different walls and all the floor before they get to the toilet, but I am even more amazed that the customer just left without at the very least TELLING us he puked everywhere. =