By Sally19863 - 30/08/2010 16:18 - South Africa

Today, I discovered that I have developed a latex allergy. I'm a third year medical student. FML
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sundayporch 2

So? Most hospitals have stopped using latex gloves, anyway.

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replied just because you said not to :)

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u deserved this. dont reply to me makes me wanna more

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Lol saying not to reply makes more people reply. OP, theres gloves for people like you. It's called latex-free. Just saying...

What? Did I just REPLY?  Buohohohoho.

twinny_sc 13

Reply! :D OP, so what they have alternatives to latex. As a third year medical student, you should know that.

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I wont say a word. eveyone don't reply!

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ok I'll remember not to reply oh sorry no more room in my brain it's all taken up by thoughts on if rocks are alive or not I have low brain capacity but I'll try to remember not to reply (low brain capacity I was jk)

They're called nylon gloves... Try 'em.

He is a master of inception, or is he...

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Don't worry, I'm not actually replying to you; I'm only doing this so I can be nearer to the top. What was this FML about again?

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and then you jizzed in your pants? ydi

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why cant i reply??? it seems fine to me?

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any medical facility has latex free everything due to allergies so not really a fml

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Why not? Oppps just replied. How terrible of me :D

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now you have to do sugery with no gloves :D jks try latex free

almost all gloves in hospitals are latex free because so many people have allergies to latex

yes latex free gloves you should know this being a med student

FYL. this reminds me of a chick on tv who was in critical condition and was sent to the ER but was found to have a latex allergy. miracle survival story or sumthin, Lol at 22

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airforce987 if your a airmen why do you have a picture of marines FAIL and so they make latex free gloves smart guy

Panthersfan2834 3

Aww maybe u should get awesome latex free gloves tht have polka dots that way u can be like latex free betches and rub it in their faces

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ahh i know how much replies can be annoying. For you, i wont, cause i know how it feels, ..wait i dont know how it feels, im effen replying ;D

klumzy0123456789 6

hey they have laytex free gloves. buy some

I am not replying. :) I am saying something. :)

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117 - Read my profile you dumbass to everyone else: you all fell into my trap! muhuhahahaha!, see! you didn't talk about the FML and used my comment to get to the top, but instead you just tried to annoy me! (which, I must thank you all btw, they gave me some good laughs)

xmarciex 8

people are obviously going to reply if you tell them not to.

I love how all of you feel like you should tell a third year medical student that there is latex-free gloves out there! When so many of you know this, I would assume the "soon to be doctor" knows!

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sundayporch 2

So? Most hospitals have stopped using latex gloves, anyway.

frozenshake 5

ikr? that's what I was thinking

I must go to a crappy hospital.... I've only seen latex at mine..

moonlight_daze 8

Damn. Maybe there's a pill or an ointment for this allergy?

Sun_Kissed18 25

I'm sure that since it's caused by contact that there is a cream for the reaction after it has occured but I think the only prevention is to not touch latex

I'm sure there are alternative gloves for people with that allergy.

There is. My dentist has to use them for me as I'm allergic to the powder on the latex ones.

Yeah, I had a stupid moment and didn't realise nitrile gloves don't have latex in them. Then again, I can't say I've ever read the box in great detail.

My mom has worked as a nurse in many years, shes now in the ambulance.. She's allergic too. Have you ever heard of latex-free glove?

adriane209 0

Did her being allergic to latex develop? Or had she always been.

sallen0046 4

So what? Every medical facility is required to have non-latex gloves on hand for latex allergy patients. Tell whoever runs your program you need them on hand at all times or purchase and bring your own. They're not that expensive.

FireBug24_7 0

They do make latex free gloves, but they aren't as good. As for condoms..... You're screwed!

sundayporch 2

You do realise that there are alternatives to latex condoms, too, right?

There are latex free condoms, but I'm pretty sure they are not as safe.

btterflygrl 0

they are safe, actually. stronger, too it seems

There are latex free condoms out there. They're just as safe as any other condom. Don't let the dumbwits here fool ya :)

TaylorTotsYumm 10

The only non-latex condoms that are unsafe to use are sheep skin condoms. The rest are very safe, if you use them properly and carefully.

Actually, most non-latex condoms dont protect against STDs (says it on the box). They also arent as reliable as latex, they are safe, just not as safe.

This is not an FML. OP is an idiot with too much time (and rashes) on his hands.