By kay51 - 24/11/2012 18:41 - United Kingdom

Today, my room-mates were inspired by a TV show to make a "douchebag jar", into which we have to put money every time we say something obnoxious. It seems like I can't open my mouth without having to cough up £10. FML
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New girl? Try not to be such a douche, brah.

Well don't say stupid things. YOLO and swag are douchey so stop saying them.


New girl? Try not to be such a douche, brah.

Seems you have to couch up £10.... and I guess now so do I.

free2speak 14

And OP, you came on FML for what? Looking for sympathy? It's hardly a FYL because you can control what you say. I think your roommates are trying to teach you a lesson, OP. No sympathy, here.

What if she isn't saying douche stuff, but it's the roommates being douche bags?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'm with 33 on this one. Looks like an easy way to cheat your roommate out of £10 if they're either gullible or stupid enough.

redheadedmonster 24

Yup totally from New Girl. Who knows OP maybe you are a douche or maybe your roommates are trying to pull a fast one on you.

Funny thing is, as soon as I read the FML, I thought the exact sane! aha New Girl is pretty funny tbh(:

It says that he had to give the money anytime he said something obnoxious. They just might think that everything he says is obnoxious, and they could be making fun of him for that.

sugarshane007 20

Sounds like you might be a douchebag OP. Maybe you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror and reevaluate things.

I imagined this in Jeff Foxworthy's voice

Well don't say stupid things. YOLO and swag are douchey so stop saying them.

That's not douchey, that's just blatant faggotry.

Dude you obviously don't know what you're missing. **** it YOLO.


Yes, thank you. Someone with sense got in a comment early.

Saying YOLO everytime you do something is quite obnoxious OP.

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You only you only live once once? What?

Correction you only die once. You go to heaven/hell( for religious people) or if you're dying and lose your heart beat and come back technically that's living twice. So yolo is false. Wodo is more accurate

KawiRacer69 5

#32, you just pointed out you can die twice...

32, another example yolo is false. Kenny McCormick. No, too much South Park? Ok, goodbye

"You only you only live once once." Sounds like a Nikki Minaj song... /:

Ignore the YoLoTards and SwagFags and keep your head up OP!

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Um, I'd call that a sucker jar. Cuz it seems to me your roomates just found a way to sucker you into paying their portion of the rent.

Isn't £10 each time a little excessive anyway? Call me cheap but I thought these things were usually £1 a pop....

A £1, really? Call me cheap, but that's a lot too.

A pound is about a dollar and a half right? That's a bit excessive, especially for a joke

Just point out what a stupid idea a douchebag jar is. You're probably not that obnoxious, they're just making fun of you.

CharresBarkrey 15

Or OP is really annoying and douchey and they're trying to get rid of them or open their eyes to see it.

I get the feeling that OP probably isn't a douchebag, and probably just has really annoying roommates.

I wonder who/what the money goes to. :/

Yeah. If it goes to something they can all use, or to something they all agree on, then as long as they are all okay with the jar, that would be fine, but, considering it sounds like the roommates are trying to get money out of OP, I wouldn't be surprised if they try to take the money for themselves.

well that's the thing #11 we have to go on the information that OP gives us. according to the post it sounds like op is a douchebag. but we don't really know that for sure, her roommates could just be screwing with her.