By idontbleedfromthere - 22/08/2012 23:10 - United States - Indio

Today, after having recently moved into shared accommodations, my prankster of a room-mate has somehow made sure I've yet again woken up with a tampon in my mouth. It's been three times in the past week. FML
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Imagine if you choked on it in your sleep and died...The police report would be something to see.


Haha I agree 1. OP, at least they weren't used tampons.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Fill a condom up with some ranch and then slip that into your roommate's mouth while they're sleeping! :D

coolbrony12 3

35- OPs roommate would probably like that if its a girl.

Yes, because women enjoy a man's happy juice in their mouths. -.-

if u have your own room put a bucket of cold water with red food coloring that way when your roommate walks in to do the deed they will fall into that one and when your roommate wakes you up with a loud scream throw a bunch of tampons at him/her!!! and say ha who's bleeding now??? lol Idk....or try super gluing tampons all over his/her stuff?? or go to their room at night at grab some pads mark it with red marker and pour a little bit of coca-cola on then and put the sticky side all over their bed/face/body/room while he/she is asleep.... hehehee

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^ Someone give this guy a medal!

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Lighten up! You're roommate sounds fun

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wow I can't believe I did that. **Your

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Got to love it when grammar nazis correct themselves.

Her roomate sounds like a douche... Pay her back with a used one

Awkward because the 'grammar nazi's' profile photo has a grammatical error in it :/

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So just because I am a grammar 'nazi' I can't have a profile picture with a spelling error in it? :c

No, you shouldn't have a profile picture with a spelling error in it because you exist.

coolbrony12 3

You smarten up. How would you like to wake up to a tampon in your mouth?

Dude, read the name "idon'tbleedfromthere", which most likely means that the ****** tampon was used! how would you feel having a used tampon put in your mouth by your roommate? would you "lighten up"?

ruabadfishtoo 0

uh "dude", maybe it wasnt used!

I dont bleed from there states that blood does not come out of her mouth(that kind at least). It never mentions the tampon...I don't know how you got to assuming it was used

This reminds me of that episode in South Park where Cartman put a tampon in Butter's mouth, and took a picture of it.

Yeah but didn't he have an album or something, where he kept pictures of stuff he had done to Butter's while he slept?

Yeah, Cartman put his penis in Butters' mouth, not a tampon.

There was a photo in the album titled "The Sleeping Menstrual", I believe. Although the episode did revolve primarily around the photo of his penis in Butter's mouth.

Imagine if you choked on it in your sleep and died...The police report would be something to see.

The dispatch call would be hilarious too. "We've got a Ms. Robinson over on 4th street. Passed away last night. Approximate age is about 21. Cause of death is choking... Choking by... Uh... Er... Well. This is a new one. Choking by tampon. We need a team out there to take a look at the scene."

That would be an interesting C.S.I. episode.

kut17 11

But when you run out and she needs one...that's when the joke's on her.

mrtjawesome 14

well,at least he didnt put it where it was supposed to go. that would be creepy.

Well it could be thoughtful. Preventing stains? Maybe? No yeah it'd be even more creepy. Maybe once is a little funny. But not 3 times. That's just lame.

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Just be glad they aren't used

kut17 11

She never said they weren't :/

That brings a whole new meaning to having a dirty mouth...

53- Even Orbitz can't fix used tampon breathe.

UsernameInCanada 7

Stick a tampon someplace uncomfortable in your roommate to teach them a lesson, or start looking for a new place!