By pookie99 - United States
Today, I went to sell my wedding rings, due to the fact that I'm getting divorced from a man who cheated on me. The jeweler informed me that the stone in my engagement ring is fake. I won't even be able to cover the divorce costs from the proceeds. FML
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  Kawboy  |  1

Sounds like to me if she did sue him for all his money she wouldn't get much! I mean if he didn't have the money for a real ring, he damn sure doesn't have the money for a divorce. Unless he just didn't give a shit from the start and purposely got a fake ring, then that's grounds for a suing! fyl op better luck next time!

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

Maybe he got home from the gym with his penis smelling like latex, she smelled it, and wanted a divorce. There is always a second side to the story... his side of the story is about 2 FML posts back.
And maybe he does have the money, but was too cheap to get a real ring...

  seanders  |  10

Maybe he knew the marriage was doomed from the start, so he was smart and got a fake ring. He then stuck around till the sex well ran dry. Smart man....

  ipwnlosers  |  4

Yeah, I'm kinda saying she deserves it just cuz.. What girl doesn't check to see if their ring is real...? And get it checked if you're not sure... Just in case anything goes wrong in the marriage..