By pookie99 / Friday 17 June 2011 02:17 / United States
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  Kawboy  |  1

Sounds like to me if she did sue him for all his money she wouldn't get much! I mean if he didn't have the money for a real ring, he damn sure doesn't have the money for a divorce. Unless he just didn't give a shit from the start and purposely got a fake ring, then that's grounds for a suing! fyl op better luck next time!

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

Maybe he got home from the gym with his penis smelling like latex, she smelled it, and wanted a divorce. There is always a second side to the story... his side of the story is about 2 FML posts back. And maybe he does have the money, but was too cheap to get a real ring...

  seanders  |  10

Maybe he knew the marriage was doomed from the start, so he was smart and got a fake ring. He then stuck around till the sex well ran dry. Smart man....

  ipwnlosers  |  4

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