By lobstercola - 24/11/2012 16:35 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I was walking through a crosswalk when a lady in a car looked at me with a horrified expression and then hit her door locks repeatedly. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

Did you have a bottle of urine in your hand, by chance? Shame on you, trying to spray people in their cars. "Cleaning windows," riiiight!


That's what u get for bring a master cheif wanna be

When people do that to me. I make sure I lock eyes and I smile and wave.

Umm...What? "That's what u get for bring a master cheif wanna be." If you want people to understand what you're saying then you should use proper grammar and spelling.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I think he meant to say Master Chef. That green mother ****** can cook up a mean grub salad. Haha.

95 - I wouldn't go around correcting people incessantly unless I at least no the difference between your and you're.

And shit. I obviously meant *know, but my phone had other ideas.

I hate to state the obvious here, but he could have possibly meant Master Chief from Halo; not a Native American chief, or a chef of any sorts.

Yes that's the one halo damn Auto correct

I think op is black ... (Not trying to be racist. But I think the lady in the car was)

Bitch please, you're the only one who should be apologizing.

54- what the hell are you talking about?

Well that happens when you are wearing a ski mask op

ArmedcrackerR6 8

That's what you get for being ugly

That's what you get for writing a bad comment

astralvagan 20

That's what you get for judgmental prick

"That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa"

I drowned out all my sense with the sound of its beating...

*puts on a red haley williams wig and sings all of "that's what you get" along with the music in my head and doesn't notice the entire thread staring at me in a horrified way before all locking their car doors* god damn it! my heart won again!

^^^ *locks door repeatedly AND rolls up windows*

desireev 17

Yeah, change your entire wardrobe because some looney bitch in a car didn't like the way you look... Sounds like a great idea! OP, you shoulda made a face and ran after her car and given her something to be really scared about. Besides, you'd get a good laugh out of it! Haha! :)

WhisperSoflty 20

I'm confused as to why this is getting so thumbed down. If someone is dressing like a hood rat, with their belt around the back of their knees and a shirt 6 sizes too big, walking around all "swag", then they can't be offended when people assume that they're a thug. Want to be respected? Carry yourself in a way that demands respect.

Well there's a good chance it's not that he's dressing like a thug

No she just thought she was in Jurassic Park for a min or two ;)

Well that's not a good self esteem booster

JOcoco 14

If OP's name is anything to go by then OP may have looked like a lobstercola, which I imagine would of looked quite terrifying. But that's just me.

PrussiaisAwesome 15

Some things don't need to be imagined. Thanks to your comment I scared myself.

Why are people so picky about what is a good comment or not? I'm sure we are all wondering what OP looks like to have scarred someone? Or whether he/she is a different race and the bitch in the car is just a racist pig ;3 but the commenter got negative votes for asking what OP looked like? Then when someone made a joke she said "yeah I guess you're right ha" and still got negative votes? -_- well, if it matters any, I do believe you deserve a thumbs up!!!(:

JOcoco 14

111 - The citizens of FML are fickle creatures. As to one reason why they may have been down voted may be that their comments were seen as redundant.

Which is dumb, there are thousands or millions of people on here, a few people are bound to think the same things, and not everyone goes through every last comment before he/she posts, I'm pretty sure everyone here has posted something that has already said before. Haha

Racist? Sexist? So many questions unanswered! Sorry though, some people are sheltered their whole life and don't know how do deal outside their comfort zone.

Sexism against men doesn't exist. Just like racism against white people doesn't exist (though I understand you're talking about black people - this is just an example). When people do things on the basis of someone being a man or being white, it's based on stereotypes but it's not sexism or racism in the same way as when it's a woman or a black person being discriminated against. When women are assaulted by men they are often victim-blamed if they weren't resistant enough. It's always in our best interest to protect ourselves when we can.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Did you have a bottle of urine in your hand, by chance? Shame on you, trying to spray people in their cars. "Cleaning windows," riiiight!

olpally 32

Made me think of the homeless guy in the movie "happy Gilmore" with Adam sandler. Lmao. He's trying to make money! Lol

MexicanTexasQtt 9

Lol from that FML the other day!

MexicanTexasQtt 9

Lol from that FML the other day!

So much for "Don't judge a book by its cover"

Maybe op looked like a harmless sugarplum fairy, and the old lady was just trying not to judge a book by its cover.. "That guy looks pretty harmless, better get out my gun before he rapes me."

maybe it was just because OP was staring at her intensely while he was crossing the road!

You just reminded her that she forgot to lock her doors! Imagine her horror of finding out she had ridden the car unlocked for so long!

fairymacabre 7

I was waiting for all the black jokes to flow in...