By Anonymous - 17/11/2013 01:03 - United States
Today, I told my roommates they have to go get jobs, because I can't afford to support them or their bad habits any more. They responded by pawning all my DVDs for cash to buy cigarettes. FML
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  Ambient25  |  24

That's why you don't get in that situation. "Hey man I might not be able to make rent this month, can I meet you half way?" That's acceptable. "Hey man I can't make this month again, and I know I owe you for last month..." that's not acceptable.

  michaelaranda  |  28

I thought op was talking about his friends not his roommates. I apologize for my comment.

but I think its time to get new roommates or move out. your roommates need to understand they cant use you for money. dont let them walk all over you and stand up for yourself op.

  Tthug  |  34

Probably not. If its like my situation, my roommates are on the lease, so I can't kick any of them out, as much as I want to get rid of one of them.

  TheDrifter  |  23

If only op is leaving the least can be altered so that the roommate remains on it. It's a minor change, in the level of the kind of update you make when the rent is raised.

  knoxxx  |  22

If he's supporting himself and his roommates, he can surely afford to pay a fee for breaking the lease, especially if he stops paying for his roommates.

By  beautifulsoul89  |  11

Take some of their stuff and pawn it. Than kick em out! You don't deserve that, you can be fine on your own especially if your doing it now while you have people called "friends" leeching off you!