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Today, I took my girlfriend to go see Les Misérables. I tried to stay tough but completely lost it and started sobbing when Anne Hathaway began singing. My girlfriend called me a wimp and stayed dry-eyed throughout the whole movie. I'm dating a robot. FML
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Wow. You better never try to watch Marley and Me.

Sobbing is a bit much. Maybe a tear or two would have been okay.


Sobbing is a bit much. Maybe a tear or two would have been okay.

You obviously have not seen the movie, or have no soul.

I don't know.... I saw it and didn't feel compelled to cry at all. I mean, it was a good movie, but....

16 and 18, depends on the person. I shed a tear or two during Ted for christ sakes... It doesn't make you less of a person or more of a person to cry at a film, just quit shaming each other for expressing yourselves differently!

I wasn't shaming. I was just saying a person is not souless just because he/she didn't cry at the movie.

Are you kidding the way the small kid dies and Anne Hathaway falling to prostitution because of her great love for her daughter? If anything it is moving to see the lengths she went to! I'm a totally Hetero dude, saw it with a bunch of friends and teared up a bit in a few scenes. Especially when all the kids sing the wine of friendship then die the next day! That was rough

I saw the first move play and the latest movie. None made me feel the need to cry or shed a tear. It's moving yes, but I think it's silly to cry over a movie. Guess I have no soul.

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It is an exaggeration to say that the girlfriend has no soul, just as she was exaggerating when she called the OP a wimp for crying. That was pretty mean of her, though. For me, I didn't cry when Bambi's mom died, or when the Enterprise was destroyed, and I didn't cry during this movie. Does that mean it didn't affect me? No, not at all. I just usually don't cry during movies or TV shows at all. In fact, I can only think of ONE time I did: United 93. And that time, I totally lost it. To the OP: if she offended you that much, you should explain how you felt and maybe ask for an apology. If she does nothing, THEN you can call her a robot. That

Crying is cool and all, but if you're gonna do it in public, try laughing as you do it. You can just pass it off as manly tears. You won't get any of those weird stares...

I haven't seen this movie yet but I have watched the Rugrats Paris movie and I cry every time they show Chuckie on the plane wishing he had a mom still and showing all the babies with their moms. I don't know if it's the song or just the fear of losing my own mom but it gets me every single time. Crying over movies isn't stupid and people making fun of each other when they do it isn't cool, some people are more emotional than others.

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66- That shit is emotional! I love the song in that movie though :) I feel so bad for chucky...

I haven't seen the movie... but judging by other's comments, I can bet I will cry... the most I've cried during a movie is while watching "My Sister's Keeper" I was actually inconsolable...

hey 33 cheers for the spoiler -_-

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Geez 33 some people haven't seen the movie. SPOILER ALERT!!

82 and 88. I'm surprised you haven't heard anything about the plot yet. It was a famous musical for many years, and a book before hand. Also everyone knew the movie was gonna be big, so you should expect spoilers.

The book came out in 1862, the musical 32 years ago, and you're whining about spoilers? It's like being angry at being spoiled for Titanic because the boat sinks at the end. It doesn't exactly count as spoilers when the story has been around 150 years.

Sobbing is never too much when it's Les Mis. The first time I saw it I broke down completely (the stage show, not the film)...

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Even by my closest friends I've been called a "robot" for not crying at something. Does that make me less of a human? No. Maybe she just doesn't show emotion on the outside. Calling someone a robot is a bit extreme. I don't even know how this is an fml because if it bugs him so much just tell her or break up with her or just forget about it.

When I saw Les Misérables, I cried when the little boy died and when Eponine died. At the end, I was sobbing because it was so sad but sweet

I cried like a little bitch and I'm not ashamed. I don't think crying at movies is a bad thing, it just shows that your really into it emotionally.

I've honestly heard about the movie and book and everything but I've never read anything about the plot I was planning on seeing it, but that spoiler honesty wasn't needed..

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I've seen the show and the original movies so many times that it's safe to say that I'm immune to emotion.

61 - That probably wouldn't go over so well while watching Les Mis.

"SPOILER ALERT" Too late? Yeah..

My dad laughed at me for losing it when I saw the movie, it was the hardest I've ever cried during a movie. With Fontine and Gaverosh... It was too much to take

Can't.. Stop.. Tear bending!

katara FTW lol xD

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Haaaaa good one.

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Ha, i love this

The only movie I have ever cried during was Star Wars III

Can't.. Stop.. Tear bending!

Can't.. Stop.. Tear bending!

I wouldn't say she's a robot...but you are definitely a bit of a wimp if you "lost it"...YDI for sure.

I wouldn't say she's a robot...but you are definitely a bit of a wimp if you "lost it"...YDI for sure.

I don't know, Anne Hathaway is a great actress. I don't blame him.

I don't know, Anne Hathaway is a great actress. I don't blame him.

I don't think it's a bad thing to get emotional over something that was supposed to be emotional. If the right strings get pulled, sometimes it's impossible to stop yourself from full out sobbing. That being said, it's not necessarily bad if a certain movie doesn't make you cry either, but I don't think it was right of the girlfriend to make him feel bad.

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I physically cannot cry, and haven't done for at least 5 years, but LesMis actually caused me to shed a few tears during the scene where Jean ValJean was dying, with Fantine and Eponine on his side.

Umm spoiler, come on

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oj - Spoilers aside, I think you're confused; Eponine is not there when he passes on. He doesn't even know who she is. :/

SuxForUButtmunch 2

Actually in the original, eponine is there when he dies. Oj could be talking about the stage production

Trix_Disorder 20

I assumed they were not, considering we're talking about the movie. I have been in a theatrical production.

#6- "YDI" are you serious??? What, people can't cry in public anymore without being made fun of? Especially if you're a man? (to #61) There's certainly nothing wrong with emotional relief. Everyone does it.

Wow. You better never try to watch Marley and Me.

Nah, the overly melodramatic ruins it, it's just too much at the end. You can really see they try to get you to cry, and I don't like that. If something is truely beautifull or sad, you'll cry. For instance the ending of the Shawshank Redemption, I cried.

Nah, I don't like the overly melodramatic music at the end, that kinda ruins it. They try too hard to make you cry and personally I dislike that.

I see your point. Perhaps "Bambi" would have been a better referrence?

Never seen it, didn't have much of a childhood I guess. I also never saw the lion king. From what I've heard that's pretty rough.

I've actually never seen Bambi either, but you should sit down and give Lion King a try. You will have no regrets.


I'm sorry. Of course you've never "SWEDEN" Bambi. Ducking Swype. What I MEANT to say was, "YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BAMBI???"

Norway I could have missed it but I did.

Watch the Rugrats movie when they go to Paris. If you're like me you'll cry during the airplane scene where Chuckie is sad because he doesn't have a mom and all the other kids are snuggled with theirs and he's looking our the window seeing clouds that look like him and his mom. It's pretty sad. Gets me every time. Marley and Me, yea I didn't cry. The movie wasn't really that good anyway.

Perhaps I'll czech it out...

You have me Russian to the DVD store.

Bring some popcorn cuz I am hungary

perdix 29

#89, avoid movie theater popcorn -- it's got too much Greece. Get some Chile instead. I love dogs, but I grew to hate Marley by the end of that movie. I clapped when that son of a bitch died!

I don't like greece bhutan I have to run to another store.

perdix 29

#110, you don't have time, the movie's about to start, get Djibouti in your seat!

Always a Spain in the ass.

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Perdix (96) You wouldn't Belize how much of the story the Marley and Me movie cut out; the dog in the movie was a shit, but the real dog (from the book) had redeeming qualities. :-)

Marly and Me wasn't that sad especially compared to les miserables

Get Watership Down out. Is soooo sad. An oldie but a goodie!

She's not a robot for not crying when Anne Hathaway sings. You're a marshmallow for sobbing like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert

xXxIracebethxXx 14

So you've witness little girls sobbing at Justin Beiber concerts? Interesting...

You've obviously never seen commercials or previews that feature footage for his concerts. It's not that interesting, I assure you.

Some people just react differently in situations like this, she may think its awkward to see people around her crying. She may even be like that guy from an FML post awhile ago about not crying In years, and losing it at a hallmark commercial.

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I don't blame you, OP. I tried to stay strong but she's such a wonderful actress and I've always been partial to Fantine. I cried as well. :/