By adamclmns - United States
Today, after a stressful week, I spent my last few dollars on some comfort food. Later, my roommate's girlfriend came over and helped herself to my juice, drinking it straight from the bottle. I'm such a germaphobe, I can't bring myself to even take a sip. It's a full bottle. FML
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  fmlpro0987  |  0

no don't day that yo somone who's a germaphobe. I am Aldo a germaphobe and will not drink or eat after anyone even my own daughter.

  Jazze_fml  |  10

@ 51
well i can't understand people want to have sex. doesn't mean it doesn't make sense at all.
further more being germaphobic to that degree is surely an irational fear. seriously at that point there's nothing to understand it's simply how things are. you need to accept that some people have completly irrational fears just like the people with these fears need to understand that people without these fears are not going to be able to understand the fear. it can obviously be dealt with and if it becomes a problem then they should seek help yes. but it's not like they made a choice. it's fear pure and simple.

  Killpill  |  1

No, he'll probably kiss and drink/eat after someone he loves.

I'm the same as him. After a while with someone it isn't as bad unless you think about all the people she's been drinking/eating after.

  kaykay20  |  0

It's a good idea besides who knows what his girlfriend may have. Could be a STD and many things are contagious so it's understandable that op is this way.

  iluvboobies  |  9

Her germs from saliva (yes, some of it ends up in the bottle even if you're careful) and skin contact is already in the juice.

To OP, boil the juice, then cool it down with ice cubes. It will kill the vitamins but you're in it for a comfort food, not the vitamins, aren't you?

  iilovecokee  |  6

What about back wash? Germs aren't even the part that gets to me when it comes to sharing drinks. It's the possibility of someone's food particles that have been marinating in saliva going down my throat. Ew.

By  lindseyluvszac  |  4

I kinda want to tell you to get over your fear, but after watching this show Obsessed, I understand that you can't just get over your fear of germs on command. FYL if this is a true phobia.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

honestly, id be pissed too. i know where that mouth has been, and if shes not exactly the cleanest person in the world, then thatd be a double hit to me.
aside from that, its fucking rude to just drink other peoples stuff like that.

  rattusrattus  |  18

I do drink from the container, but OTOH, my containers are MINE and MINE ALONE. I don't get many visitors and no-one else uses them. If anyone else wants a drink, I buy a small, separate container. I wouldn't go into someone else's house and drink their juice from the container.

  geeksaresexy  |  18

Yes! I only drink from the bottle if it's mine and no one else will be drinking it! I would go ballistic if someone helped themselves to my stuff, it's basically stealing! Never mind it being straight from the bottle, she stole his juice..

  beeship321  |  5

I absolutely hate that too! it really makes me angry when my brother does it with the milk container when it's still half full so he claims the continer for a couple hours while he drinks it.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

Disgusting and inconsiderate!! You don't put your lips to a juice/milk/soda container if it's not yours!! AUGH! This one hits too close to home for me! Any time I buy a bottle of soda intended only for myself, someone opens it, drinks straight from it, then puts it back!! DISGUSTING!