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  tylersign  |  11

Hey, it's just the three Rs.
Reduce- Reduce the amount of mouthwash needed to purchase
Reuse- Reuse the mouthwash
Recycle- Recycle the mouthwash for future use

  msl1333  |  4

162- it's adenosine triphosphate (ATP); sometime referred to in laymen's terms as the energy currency of the cell, though it has other functions as well.

  aaahhhfire21  |  0

Tbh op deserves it simply cause that's something u prolly shouldn't share with someone considering most ppl swig straight from the bottle and obviously one douche spits back

By  Vert90  |  11

He might just be a little misguided. Some people have little stupid things that they've done since childhood and they don't really think of it and don't realise if they did something odd.