By Anonymous - 20/03/2012 15:37 - United States - Raleigh

Today, I found out my roommate spits the mouthwash back into the bottle after he gargles. FML
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As long as it isn't a communal bottle of mouthwash, you're probably fine. If it is, WHY THE **** ARE YOU SHARING MOUTHWASH?


Maybe he's been using that mouthwash for years..

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Haha more like a disgusting habit. Stop sharing with your roommate!

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Anything that belongs in the bathroom should not be shared. Unless its hair products or body wash.

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Just get new mouthwash and get over it, you've probably done worse things without knowing it.

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25 - but I share a bath, and that's in a bathroom

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50- I hope your roommate pees in there

At least the roommate saves money.

Least he doesn't swallow! And Becca, I feel like you've had your own issues in the bathroom... Care to share with FML?

One question... It never struck you as odd that one bottle of mouthwash never ran out?

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He's conserving money! OP won't be buying any more mouthwash for a couple of years...

Rinse mouth with mouth wash, spits back dirty wash into bottle, bacteria dies in bottle, ????, profit. Sarcasm off//. That's nasty bruh

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A penny saved is a penny earned..

Never share anything with your roommate again.

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Hey, it's just the three Rs. Reduce- Reduce the amount of mouthwash needed to purchase Reuse- Reuse the mouthwash Recycle- Recycle the mouthwash for future use

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Nerd alert here, but what is that chemical structure in this person's profile pic? Also to the op that story made me cringe in disgust.

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162- it's adenosine triphosphate (ATP); sometime referred to in laymen's terms as the energy currency of the cell, though it has other functions as well.

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just a little diluted, but still works! you will still have fresh breath before you date with the big girl

As long as it isn't a communal bottle of mouthwash, you're probably fine. If it is, WHY THE **** ARE YOU SHARING MOUTHWASH?

That's really bad and why the ef people think you deserve that.

In here, There'll always be trolls that say that, no exceptions, trust me, I've seen completely tragic fmls and ppl still say it

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Tbh op deserves it simply cause that's something u prolly shouldn't share with someone considering most ppl swig straight from the bottle and obviously one douche spits back

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For a green world, and even greener teeth

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Couldn't you tell it didn't look right?

The floating popcorn kernels should have given it away.

He might just be a little misguided. Some people have little stupid things that they've done since childhood and they don't really think of it and don't realise if they did something odd.