By ipaid350dollarsfornothing - 15/03/2013 07:09 - Qatar

Today, my prom dress finally arrived. My prom was yesterday. FML
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Definitely.. According to the username she spent 350 on the dress and that's just crazy.

Alot of teens spend big money on prom. I never did, but that's the uncommom thing.

People here in my small-ish town spend between $400 - $1200 on grad dresses (no proms here).

Qatar is also like one of the richest countries, isn't it? Perhaps spending $350 on a prom dress is the norm...? I personally think prom dresses look way overdone and sometimes a bit tacky, but if the event is that important to someone, then so be it! But on the other hand, it's not like a wedding or anything so the girls who get all 'promzilla' need to chill it out and reassess how much this would really matter to them after they graduate. Alas, now I am confused.

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And that was why I went to Ross to get cute dresses for cheap. Or operation fairy godmother. Got a gorgeous prom dress for donating a plain one.

A lot of the girls in my grade went to boutiques in New York and Boston for their dresses, dropping hundreds down for them. I went to a local Indian store and got a purple choli for sixty bucks. I was the only one at prom with a unique dress (all theirs were the exact same five styles in different colors) and my dress was voted the prettiest. I'll never understand people's need to spend more money than necessary on things...

88, I spent $90 on a knee-length pale gold silk number from a store that was closing. It's my favourite dress, I even wore it to a wedding recently. Haha.

Wow, sounds like this company doesn't know how to do business.

That sucks, where are you from tho that a prom happened in march? Most don't happen til April

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That's nothing, I ordered a really nice suit for prom and it ended up coming almost a month later.

proms are in May but mine got moved for April.

But it isn't unheard of for an April prom either. Mine was April 8th or something. I graduated 2 years ago.

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@33 Well why don't you write your own FML then?

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OP deserved it for ordering online. Why couldn't she simply go into a shop and have a dress fitted rather than hoping its the right size, and wondering whether it'll come on time.

You, my friend, are what we call idiots #117

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I thought about ordering my dress online but I was scared the same thing was going to happen to me. What I did was bought a very expensive, beautiful dress and I returned it after prom :)

We have to go back! Quick, grab the time machine!

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Get pictures anyway. In a few years no one will remember who was where.

I was going to post a sarcastic comment, but I really have to go and don't have time. I'm off like a prom dress. What, too soon?

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Nope. It was perfect (unlike her prom night) :-D

Pretty sure those are female pelvic bones.

Duckie: "I'm off like a dirty shirt" Memorial quote from "Pretty in Pink" which is funny, because it's about prom. :P OMD-- "If You Leave" is now playing in my mind. **The Coke bottle is my second favorite pic after the "Princess Bride" one.(:

Catkam - I'm pretty sure it was a male ass I pulled the bottle out of.

Well **** I should've paid more attention in human anatomy

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100, this is the backup delivery system to deliver coke into New York. Get it... "Back up" system. I crack me up.