By budgetboss - United States - Granbury
Today, I got a call that my custom order bridesmaid dress is at the apartment complex I just moved out of. They won’t give it to me because I’m no longer a resident, but they just thought I should know. The wedding’s tomorrow. FML
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By  Lillysar91  |  20

Wait what? The package/ parcel has your name on it! It’s yours how can they keep it? Or not hand it to you? even if you’re no longer a resident of the complex, how is this possible or ok to do? Hope you sort this out

By  Cyrus00  |  41

Surely something like that would need a signature? Or have your name on it so you can use ID to prove it's yours. Might be too late for the wedding which is shit but there's no way they can keep it. FYL!

By  smaldridge  |  12

I'm confused. Did you not know where you were moving to because there's a way to forward your mail. Weddings take time to plan; was the move that sudden that you couldn't send the dress to your maid of honor, or parents house instead? The dress is one of the first things you'd want to make sure it fits and will show up in time, but with the wedding the day after the dress' arrival making it seem you ordered it late it had many problems with it.

By  Tony Friddle  |  11

they're essentially breaking the (federal I believe) law, get the cops involved, they'll be forced to give it to you.