By fmlman - 15/03/2013 05:44 - United States - Rawlins

Today, while walking my dog at the park, I spotted my crush and said "Hi!" By not paying attention where I was going, I tripped and fell down. My dog started humping me. FML
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Your dog was just showing off what your crush is missing.

Maybe a preview of things to come!


Maybe a preview of things to come!

collegedream121 8

You must be head over heels..

Sinkhole 26

Could have of? That's a new one.

10alex21 - We tend to be forgiving of simple typos, but "could've of" is beyond stupid.

So is having a bod shot as a display pic.

I didn't think what Doc has qualified as a "bod shot", but I guess technically...

What do you expect from the guy taking pictures in his bathroom while shirtless?

Prophetic Phallusy

What does that mean?

Its so bright, a double rainbow all the way, aww awww awww, what does it MEAN !!

Your dog was just showing off what your crush is missing.

Talk about dog bone.

Cue the porno music!

wlddog 14

I guess the dog was smelling what the crush was thinking and wanted to get there first.

I've heard of a dog eat dog world.. But damn. Getting screwed by head pooch..

RedPillSucks 31

That's some bow wow chicka wow wow.

A funky jive chorus ...

Well you can't she doesn't know you exist!

Wait. What? Please elaborate.

Well you can't say*

At least the dog didn't run away..

But I bet the crush did.

Your dog just wanted to say hi too. :)

Your dog has jealousy issues.

The mental image of this happening is amazing. If I could draw, I would totally make this an illustrated FML.