By Anonymous - 15/03/2013 10:28 - United Kingdom - London

Today, while I was going down on my husband, our 3-year-old daughter woke up and started crying from the other room. He practically burst into tears too, whining that she was doing it on purpose to ruin his fun. He was serious. FML
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perdix 29

That sucks! Wait, no, it doesn't!

PenguinPower 8

Wow I feel sorry for you, having to deal with two children at once!


perdix 29

That sucks! Wait, no, it doesn't!

No pulling off of sunglasses?

perdix 29

#12, no, my friend, not this time. This was not an LSG moment. I hear David Caruso is looking for work, maybe he'll give you a little mentoring in the art of LSG.

asnakelovinbabe 16

*pulls sunglasses off of Perdix*

HowAreYouToday 34


Pretty sure he only lowers them.

Kids these days huh!!! Always cockblocking.

#1 finally,a first comment that isn't a FYL or YDI.

Cockblocking!*cough* steals sunglasses off Perdix*

Wow Op I wanted to say it couldv'e been worse but nevermind....

challan 19

It could have been! He could have been going down on her when the child cried.

I think getting their house broken into during that would be much worse..

The only thing worse than this "AIDs bomb" of which you speak is your grammar, bro. (If that was sarcasm, it didn't work too well...)

41, I can just picture that, a thief coming into the house and bursting into the bedroom only to come face to face with the husband, as his wife is sucking on him.

LuckBeNimble 19

57: if I was a thief and that happened, I'd peacefully leave them be. but not before high-giving them both.

tayymeds 23

#47 although I partially agree with your logic, your grammar and English is absolutely horrendous.

PenguinPower 8

Wow I feel sorry for you, having to deal with two children at once!

Lol that's true!

It can feel like that the whole world is against you sometimes. Be happy that he gets upset when he can't have sex with you. A lot of couples just aren't attracted to each other after years of marriage, so be thankful!

BeMyLove15 10

Sounds like you have two children on your hands.

haha just join in with the crying..

I mean I can understand him being upset about his blow job getting interrupted, any guy would get upset. But to almost cry? You either give the most fantastic head or you ration out the blow jobs so severely that he knew it would be quite awhile before you finished that one or gave him another.

perdix 29

#7, no, there's the very real fear of the dreaded DSBs! If you get a half a blowjob and it doesn't get finished, you can die from the Deadly Semen Backup! Or so I've heard.

challan 19

#17 I've read that DSB is easily cured, no worries. It's the hands on approach to modern medicine.

perdix 29

#21, indubitably, it is curable if attention is given to the problem immediately. It is when the situation is neglected and allowed to fester that the disease can live up to its intial D.

challan 19

This is why early detection is so important! I myself, keep up daily self examinations. I would hate to pass on from DPN. Deadly Pussy Neglect.

RedPillSucks 31

Some how, I think there's a long line of men willing to help inoculate you against DPN

Your picture is perfect, js

challan 19

#53 Perdix has DSB not DPN... But yes, he has men lining up to help him.

She knew exactly what she was doing!

RedPillSucks 31

You mean, putting the childs needs above her husbands sexual pleasure?

Obey_StudBoii 23

She's just a child. Smfh.

Inciter 33

Tell him to go take a cold shower. Your child should be a bigger priority than sexual pleasure.

put a gag on yer kick and continue pleasing your husband... private times are golden when you have kids

and your neighbors cried, “i need to move!"