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Well it is an incentive now isn't it?!

As long as you don't hold your 4 year old, I heard they've been unclipping dresses at weddings lately...


too bad she didnt tell you about her alteration huh?

Maybe your mom is worried about your health? maybe not... health of your marriage?...

to bad your not lil Wayne why u mad

Lil' Wayne is probably one of the worst artists out there.

Fuck all yall if you don't like Lil' Wayne...quit bitchin on here. Do it somewhere else.

you don't alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera! didn't you pay attention in school???

that kinda sucks op..

tweetbaby14 18

first of all, why are you guys talking about Lil Wayne? second, then your size did what? I'm not trying to be a spelling/ grammar Nazi it just bugs me when people use then and than as if they're synonyms.

Well it is an incentive now isn't it?!

youre gay Marinus

Marinus, you're G. AY

Depends... If it's the week before the wedding not much she can do

how long do you have OP? two sizes is a lot but you can do it!

sweet car 101, I guessing it's not yours based on your bio but sweet car nonetheless.

Two sizes is rough, but as long as you have about two months, you can do it! I just went down two sizes for my wedding dress, and want to go another size down (I ordered it one size too small for incentive). I highly suggest Crossfit for exercise, and avoid carbs like they're the devil. You can do it!!

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She could be a size 6.

like he said. fatty

I almost picked 4. It was a difficult decision. I also wasn't sure if by two sizes, she meant from, for example, a 6 to a 4, or a 6 to a 2. A 4 to a 0 sounds a bit ridiculous to me. See all the thought that went into it? Yea, you probably shouldn't have asked.

Good to know... not that I would ever need a 0 lol. My twig of a friend would though.

20 - I sincerely hope you don't think 6 is fat..that's the average woman's size

i bet 34 is a size 6 lol ^

actually I was but I'm a size 4 now

So what if she's a size 6? She's beautiful if she is or isn't a size 6. Guess what guys: Beyoncé is known for her amazing body. Can you guess what size she is?

so many guys can be unaware of a normal woman's size. my ex thought I was a plus size because he was shallow and thought size 0 girls were normal

Actually the average size in the US is a US size 10/12, not 6.

When I want boy hips, I'll attempt to become a size 0. Until then, I enjoy looking like an actual woman.

Oh, and before the size 0 girls flip out on me, it was all in good humor.

geesh ppl , i wasnt callin her fat , i kno size 6 for women isnt big at all , i was jus sayin lol & 34 good for u hun xD

I'm an american size 6-8 which is a UK size 8-10. In the UK I'd say most people think a size 8 is thin! I'm technically underweight and wouldn't want to be any smaller than I am. I think the size zero culture is ridiculous. If you are naturally that size with very little effort there's no problem but there are girls starving and over exercising themselves to death. I will get off my soapbox now..

Actually a US size 6 is a UK size 10. It's always 2 sizes up.

it depends on your height. I am 5'3 and I wasn't a size six when I was pregnant. I was also a size 0-1 before pregnancy. almost ten weeks later and I am already a size 2. it just depends on your body type.

That's funny 74 because I checked at least 6 different websites (and another 3 since) to check my facts before I posted that comment..

46 (and everyone) - average size for women in the US is 14. Look it up.

and 91, you are completely right.

Average in the UK is 16 (Last I heard, it might not be any more though) which is the same size as US 14. That's not huge. Bigger but not like monster huge!

no, #34, I just felt like being an ass. though my last gf was a size 2. shrug

If her mother thought she needed to lose two whole sizes it's fairly safe to say she's above average, the size zero culture is much more new generation. The picture in my mind has her mother ordering a size 20 instead of a 24.

Regardless of what size OP is her wedding day might now be ruined because of her own mother! What kind of mother does that?

51, just delete your existence. youre a fucking douche who's never gonna get far in life until you grow the fuck up.

The size zero subculture is certainly ridiculous, but so is our cultural obsession with size in general. Depending on the brand, cut, and clothing type, I'm anywhere from a size 00 to a 5. The numbers are completely arbitrary; stores fudge them to lure shoppers into brand loyalty. "As long as I shop at Old Navy, I'm a size 4!" Cheap marketing trick.

holy 10/12 thats not healthy at all..

she's fat if her mom thought she needed to lose weight for a wedding

Actually, 34 in the usat least I'm pretty sure average is 12 or 14. Not necessarily healthy, but average. And no one should assume op is fat, maybe her mom is just a bitch. My mom and I went through a similar phase, I was a very muscular sz 8 at 5'7'', worked out every day, she thought I was fat.

just to clear this up, uk sizes are always 2 (or 4) sizes up from american. so a uk 6 is a us 2, and a uk 14 is a us 10, a us 14 is a uk 18, and so on. geeksaresexy, you're right about lots of things but you're wrong here. i know you've checked on websites, but i've checked on the label of every item of clothing i've ever bought.

i feel that there is nothing wrong with being a size 0 in america... people are just jealous they arent that size... im a size 4 but im on the taller side for my age, so i look thinner than wat i actually am... my bf likes his girls slim as do all the boys in my town, so i hope i nvr gain any weight... besides, im not starving myself, i actually eat like a horse, im just really active with extracuriculars and sports... i thinner that 90% of my friends and i constantly encourage them that they are not fat, as they say they see themselves

#176 You honestly sound like one of those girls that have all the boys at your feet and secretly spit at your friends because of it in that comment.. Who tf cares what size you are anyway, if you're happy in your skin, no need to change. if someone tells you to lose/gain weight, politely tell them to fuck themselves. if you want to lose/gain weight, go for it! don't do it for others, do it for yourself to make you happy, or you'll just be miserable. sorry about the bitchy mum OP, hopefully you got the dress tailored or changed to your size in time :)

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haha you're a dick

I do like the guys pic though...

typical 14 yr old insults

o ya 71? Well u don't look very old with ur pokemon picture, wat r u like 8 years old? Stop trying 2 act cooler by pretending ur older.

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actions speak louder than words

good outcome: it works and you look slim and fantastic for your wedding day. bad outcome: the zipper busts open when he tries to 'kiss the bride' well if you get the bad outcome, you get to post another FML. yay?

Zipper bursting is perhaps even more likely if she's dropped 2 sizes, but he'll just have to hold out until later!

u better have time to lose that weight... otherwise that's just cruel

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its says in the post 2 sizes. times isnt anywhere in the post there chick....

2 sizes as in 2 sizes.

You're hot so it's ok.

you can't read very well apparently.

As long as you don't hold your 4 year old, I heard they've been unclipping dresses at weddings lately...

haha best comment yet :D