By justmyluck - 26/08/2011 05:28 - Australia

Today, after waiting 3 months, I finally got my wedding dress back from the dry-cleaners. The dry cleaning lasted longer than the marriage. FML
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slushpup9696 12

Maybe pick the person you're marrying better and don't rush into things before you're ready for them.

Dry cleaning, takes forever doesn't it.


Canchan 12

I'm sorry that happened, OP. Don't worry though, there isn't a rule against being married twice!

BelleBelle_fml 11

I don't have a problem with divorce because sometimes it's very necessary(i.e. cheating or abuse), but I do think that some people are too quick to jump straight into divorce, and marriage sometimes, whenever they hit a problem. In some cases their problems are fixable if they simply communicate. Plus, divorce is a horrible thing to not only go through yourself, but also to put your children through. It's just a sad situation.

It's so sad when marriages dont last especially really short ones.

ElGranOrgo 0

His name wasn't Bird Dog was it??

Someone needs to find some new dry-cleaners!

The number 1 leading cause of divorce is marrage ;)

sxe_beast 11

What if this was their second marriage? Or 3rd? Or 4th?

Its OK just remember that 100% of bad marriages end in divorce. think about it

This is why i don't want to get married..

xmayne 0

Oh I thought it was till death due us part, I cause vows and promises mean nothing.

Op you totally deserved it. People question why there's so many divorces, it's because marriage doesn't happen through two people that love each other anymore.

Holy_Schnikes 23

77 wait sorry I messed up no good marriages end in divorce. dont judge me Im kind of new to this site. A rookoe as it were (sorry ive just always wanted to say as it were on the internet just to sound cool)

60% of marriages end in divorce. The other 40% end in death.

alliewillie 22

You know what that means? That you put less than three months of work into trying to make things better before just saying "screw it" and filing for divorce. YDI.

So true, #17. I know someone that's been married three times, divorced twice and is in the middle of divorce #3. All three relationships she was married within a year. I know another girl that's married twice and both within six months of the relationship starting!

slushpup9696 12

Maybe pick the person you're marrying better and don't rush into things before you're ready for them.

Agreed! Vows= "till death do us part"not "as long as out love shall last".... So make sure you love that person and want to be with them forever....

HahaNOTFunnyx_x 0

So How Long Was The Marriage ??

amazinggbaby 2

I do agree, but marriages don't work out by the same rules each time. A couple I know married after being together for 2 months and their marriage has so far lasted for 23 years. I'm also sure there are people who date for years and think they truly know eachother, but end up getting divorced after a year or two. OP may not have "rushed into it".

HahaNOTFunnyx_x 0

:O Reallllly ?! That's Obvious Lol

#81. Stupid question, stupid answer. What did you expect?

SirObvious 1
HahaNOTFunnyx_x 0

86- It Was A Sarcastic Question

shyeahh_fml 19

104's picture really fits this situation.

That is horrible!! Those dry cleaners should be ashamed of themselves

Leadamp 7

It's disgusting really. If you commit to something like you should wash their dress when you said you would.

Why have you thumbed them down. Due ato anti flood I'm posting my comment here instead of on the stream: Don't rush into it next time or even better don't get married at all

Yeah in other words she's already divorced.

At lease you learned now instead of years later....good luck, hope things get better starting with clean dress...

Dry cleaning, takes forever doesn't it.

Well that was one hell of a marriage have a happy life knowing it could only last 3 months. :D

- at least you are ready for your next wedding. & you get to keep the gifts! or at least half of them...

MEM0817 18

I've mentioned something before about Discount Divorce here in Arizona... I hear they're cheap.