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Today, it is my wedding day. I couldn't find my very expensive wedding dress anywhere. After almost 2 hours of panic and chaos, I found it in my pool, covered in red paint, with a note on one of my lounge chairs reading, "Today is MY wedding day, bitch." FML
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I'm sorry but I dont get it. Is there a story behind this?

They say brides are nuts for a reason.


after reading this the only things i could think of was what happened. fmls suck now

yep... Why would someone do that. I'd like an explanation. Its missing to much info. Was it her best friend or a total stranger?? was it the person who was supposed to marry her 'husband' or just a freak?? Come on make FML juicy :)

I agree, this could use some more background information. But FYL, OP. Whoever did it must be batshit insane.

Canuck 0

total guess but it does sound like she stole her hubby from the girl who did this.. most logical answer imo since anyone who would do this would have to be in such a rage against this one person.. that is just the way I see it

1. She stole the man 2. She bought the last dress 3. She landed the booking for the hall/church/florist/caterer/etc. that the other woman really wanted that day.

ellbtvsvm 0 you mean "more fake"???

well, this is fake. there has been a "someone vandalized something i own and left a note accusing me of something i didn't do" on here almost everyday for like the past week.

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Agree with many of these people" bats*** insane... I hope you changed the locks on your doors before posting this FML...

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@ OP: I'd feel scared if I was the husband of the person who threw the dress in the pool. o_o...

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that sucks. they really must have been insain. i would of found out who it was and stuck em in the face.

Mirequetz 6

Agree with Sika, I'm going to go ahead and say #1 though. Because of the inflection on the word "MY".

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oh I get it. the husband-to-be is cheating on her. it's the other girls wedding that day.

How did the person even get into your house and find your dress...?

or it was like her friend or neighbor and every1 was goin 2 OPs wedding instead of hers. or somethin like tht

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I'm sorry but I dont get it. Is there a story behind this?

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ditto* I wouldn't expect a Twilight fan to understand this... or anything for that matter. ;D

What do you mean, Twilight is such a fine piece of classic cinema. It's not incredibly terribly written, cheesy, lame, or horribly acted at all. I don't feel at all sorry, ashamed and cheated that I ever wasted two hours of my life watching it. No, I do. And it is. All of those things. And anyone who thinks otherwise is bad at life.

Oh my god, will you people shut the **** up about Twilight already? The haters just keep bringing it back up for NO reason and then whining about how everyone talks about it. It's not stupid to not get a secret that doesn't go into the background at all. They understand what happened, just not why. So seriously, stfu.


If you want to watch a vampire movie, go see 30 Days of Night, or, if you're feeling nostalgic, go rent Dracula. ANYTHING is better than Twilight.

Even The Lost Boys is more tolerable than that shit. Twilight -The shit bottom of all vampire movies/ books

the_stereotype 0

trolls yeah, bring up twilight at all you're a troll

I'm sorry, but do you realize how many times the word 'marble' was used in reference to Edwards skin? Or the word 'adonis' for his body? You and I seem to have different standards for literature. Honestly, the books are... terrible, they just are. And how the hell did we get on this topic? Sorry, OP, sound like ya got some crazies in your neighbohood

Twilight doesn't even follow all the "true" facts about vampires... In Twilight they can survive in the sun, I mean what the hell?

Poison93_fml 0

Dont really understand why so many love twilight :O i hate that piece of s**t.

Good Vampire movies: John Carpenter's Vampires Dusk till Dawn Also Underworld, though stupid, at least knows it's stupid. Which makes it sort of fun to watch.

galad2003 0

I thought Underwolrd was the worst cheesiest vampire movie I ever saw...until I saw Twilight. Underwolrd looks like a classic piece of cinema next to that crap.

"It's not stupid to not get a secret that doesn't go into the background at all. They understand what happened, just not why." I don't know what this means.

Hey, 88, Lost Boys is farcking incredible. ^_^ Also, Near Dark. That was great, too.

You know, being obsessed with hating Twilight is no better or different than being obsessed with hating it. Accept that the world is filled with people with different opinions, move on and stfu already.

lifeislife_fml 0

#157, You just said that hating Twilight is no different from hating it... And Twilight just might be the worst book I've ever read.

Ungh, I'll admit it, I never get enough sleep. Obviously, it should've been 'loving' and 'hating', not just hating vs. hating. The point is, why does everyone on both sides of opinion on Twilight feel the need to discuss it at every opportunity? This isn't a debate on something know, war, abortion, GLBT rights, religion, politics, etc. It's a heated, passionate argument over a ******* book and movie. Have you ever heard that really shitty teenager quote 'Love me or hate me, I'm still an obsession'? Yeah, that's this topic, all over.

@ 165 It made me want to kill myself and yes, i've watched it. "...i’ve got the scars to prove it..."

#165, where the hell did you get your illiteracy fro-- oh. Nevermind.

@165 Please, don't try to help your fellow Twilight fans anymore. You're not doing us any favors. It's one thing to make a typo. It's another issue entirely when you show the world your lack of grasp on the English language, especially when discussing the merits of a piece of literature. For Christ's sake, you didn't even spell the author's name correctly.

I really hate to jump on the bandwagon here, but... I did read the book and it was pretty interesting, but if 12 year olds are crazy in love with it, then clearly it's not a work of art. Just pointing it out.

MadHate4MyLife 0

#165 Is a perfect example of more than half the dipshits in the twilight community. It's a decent book, but Edward is not a god, and Bella looks like she has the flu. It is overrated, and obsessing over it is stupid. I'm not obsessed with hating it, but idiots like you need to be shown just how 'great' their fanbase truly is.

@165 Successful troll is very successful.

Gesq1 0

Use some damn punctuation, fang banger.

Underworld has Kate Beckinsdale in tight leather and kicking ass. That make it the best vampire movie ever.

iswearididntknow 0

#165 I think I just lost my entire brain trying to read your post. USE CORRECT GRAMMAR!!!!! Its called punctuation and makes reading a lot easier. Try it sometime. And seriously, why is everyone concentrating on Twilight when this FML is about a woman and her ruined wedding dress?


Ok, so I've read Twilight, it was alright I guess. But Stephenie Meyer did not change people's view of vampires from scary to lovely... thats been going on for years. Also, your grammar mirrors that of Stephenie Meyer... because she's an awful writer. Also, poor woman with her wedding dress. Who gives a **** about Twilight? That has nothing to do with anything. But bottom line, you're a moron!

So you're a straight A student...and yet you insist on typing like you've skipped every English class in your life? Anyone who really appreciates English wouldn't be talking in text-speak. Sorry love, but try giving some truth to your responses.

...You don't need to SAY you're obsessed, you just are. I'd talk about your posts, but I think your username is sufficient evidence. Don't you, robpatzluver? Oh, and it's not paraphrasing, it's just typing incoherently.

FYI, clitwaffle, paraphrasing is taking the text of an already existing piece of writing and putting it into your own words. For example, "The light was red" could be paraphrased as "The cars headed in one direction were not permitted to move". Paraphrasing IS NOT shortening words and misspelling them on purpose in order to be lazy. Go back to English class, and get the **** off of FMyLife. Oh my ******* shit, they need some kind of filter on this site that doesn't allow grammatically incomprehensible comments to be posted, and reads said ******* moronic drivel back to the poster his/herself. Now **** off, douchenugget. P.S.: Robert Pattinson doesn't love you the way you are creepily infatuated with him. IN FACT, the dude HATES Twilight. Don't believe me? Read this (assuming you know how to read)

A straight A student and you wrote like THAT. What has the world become. T_T

#193 - I have serious doubts as to your dubious claims of higher educational acumen. You claim to have straight A's, but you can't spell, your grammar is atrocious, you have improper capitalization, and your use of punctuation, when used, is often incorrect. If you truly are a "streigh a" student, I suggest you get a refund on your education. I was a only a C student from a public school that was rated as substandard and yet I still seem able to construct a proper sentence. Just remember, straight A's doesn't mean you are taking honors classes. Special education quite frequently has A's as well which stand for acceptable. And for your information, the books are poorly written. I read sci-fi, so I know poorly written. The plot was almost there. A good story can stand on plot, regardless of how well/poorly it is written. This book would be lucky to crawl. Saying the Twilight books were well written is like saying Eragon was well written. It had an interesting story but it was painful to read.

mmmkkkk i can type however i want i dont have to put my words in caps and punctuate if i want its just easier and faster! god why is everyone on here so mean! everyone has a different oppinion! and i was just saying mine and im in advanced everything...exept math god everyone here is so defensive this stuff is supposed to be funny but instead ppl try to be ugly and start arguments and fyi he likes the books he is tired of the hype of all this but he likes the books and dont beleive everything u read...just because you beleive it doesnt make it true Yup, you can type anyway you like. It's a free country. Just don't expect anyone to take you seriously as long as you insist on writing/typing like an idiot. You really think that typing without caps is faster? What... are you unable to use both hands at once? That is the whole reason you have two shift keys. Spelling something wrong, but using the same number of characters isn't faster, it's just pathetic. What am I believing that I read? Oh, and we're not being defensive... we are being offensive. We aren't defending our position, we are attacking his / your positions and claims.

#165 i think i counted one period in that entire block of stuff... >.>

Note how that long chain of replies all started from somebody having "Twilight" in their username. I like Twilight, though. But, Twilight as in the time of day. I haven't read the book.

Ok, coming from experience, I read the whole series, and I think that all the books exept for the last one arn't that great. Then they had to go and seriously screw up the movie. Also, #165, I think we can tell where you are coming from by the fact that your profile picture is a picture of Robert Pattenson (sp?) and you may think that by calling yourself a straight A student, that exludes you from readable comment, but all it really does is make you look like a hypocrite

LlamaAlana 6

The vampires in Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak series can surrvive in the sun. Nobody follows the traditional standards of vampires anymore. That's what fiction is, however, made-up stories.

yorkiegirl1691 0

null, that was the best comment ever.

I'll admit that Twilight was an okay book, but the writing was terrible. The character development was there, the plot was there, but the structure was unbearable. As for the movie… I wish they chose better actors and used better special effects. It's been painful watching those movies. Just painful.

@165 The two types of school are public and state, anyone who paid to be educated would call it a public school, I know this because I went to public school. Also at my school we were taught to spell "obbsessed" with one 'b' and "oppinioin" as 'opinion', I don't say this to be cruel, but rather to stop your cruelty in defaming a very good education system.

FallenNevermorE 0

oh my gosh can everyone please stop talking about twilight?!?! ugh.

I'm surprised nobody mentioned Blade... Can I say he's one bad-ass half-vamp? Also, the only good parts of the Twilight movies are when there are hot guys (not very often).

I, Cleveland Brown, command you all to shut up about your new fangled romance vampire literature and give this woman some sympathy!'re about 12, right? You obviously have the literary sense an grammar skills of a kindergartner, so I'm going to guess that that is about right. If you want a good vampire read, go with Anne Rice. Stop acting like you're an adult because you read a "vampire novel" (term used loosely at best). Or in your words, so maybe you can understand me, "Shut ur face." And, just so you know, if you want to be taken seriously, actually spell out your words and use punctuation. It's embarrassing to see that text-talk guttershite.

wtf you guys realize that the original comment has nothing to do with twilight.

people!!! SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT TWILIGHT!! no one cares anymore... ugh its so freekin annoyin!!

kitkatt978 5

So, you're saying that a story where a moody teenager who looks sad all the time wha basically gives her life to a disco ball is a good book? The book is teaching very stupid teens/ adults to give their life to the one they "love". Yep,sounds like a wonderful book to me! And also by the way you type, you gave no source of intelligance. Way to go!

kitkatt978 5

Use you're language you "straight a" student,you.

America at it's finest, haha I love all the people who make fun of stuff like twilight and stuff then blame our generation for not being smart, out of all the generations so far we have more Academic achievement now more then ever, and for all those who are not as smart, look which generation is teaching them, exactly, so if you be hating just remember where you fall, anyone 18+ grow the f*

iloveyou1266 4

How the heck did u guys start a love/hate argument about twilight on FML?! For pete sake just decide that u all have different opinions and go on with ur FML reading -.-

okay, i like twilight, star trek, and harry potter. nothing is wrong with me! the first or second comment made a simple mistake, dont we all? why make a big deal about her username and a mistake?

I looked at the responses trying to find out what it was because I was totally lost, nope just found people talking about vampires and twilight.

#28, I so wanted to give you an up vote, but that would have made it 70, and I like it at 69.

Gemma_Mansonite 20

@215: true, but they would start to burn if they were in the sun for too long.

Why is everyone saying random crap about you?

yes, but they had to use CGI to reduce her bustline. If they wanted a small-breasted actress, why not just cast one?

that is some ****** up shit right there. if i were you, i would go up to her and give her the (your name) knuckle shuffle

... Is it just me, or does this sound really fake? I know there are some crazy cakes out there, but that's a little over the top.

dyingstart 0

I was wondering about how the dress was covered in red paint and was in the pool...but yeah, I think it sounds fake too.

In any other situation, I'd call fake, but brides can be really batshit crazy sometimes, especially the day of the wedding.

kfred987 0

Well, I guess it could've been covered in paint and then thrown in the pool? Idk. I'm thinking this is fake, but if it isn't, FYL.

FireFlie07 20

They probably took the dress, painted it and left it down by the pool. I used to work at a Bridal shop, Bridezillas can and will do stuff as crazy as this, especially if they think some other bride is going to take the shine away from "their day." Sorry to the OP, hope you found that bitch and got her arrested... and please sue her for emotional distress, you deserve it.

thanks... I thought I was the only one getting the bridezilla thing!

i get the bridezilla thing, what i don't know is how this person knew when OP was getting married, where she lived, and how she managed to break into her house and destroy her dress without OP noticing.

I did see one that went for $15k and there are some for as little as $99. It depends on how much money you're willing to spend on your wedding.

Try wedding day... you'll then see that many many things can be forgotten! Stress my friend! ;)

the_stereotype 0

someone wanted the dress THAT much! those are some crazy people out there. although, it would have been funny if it was the husband...since it IS his wedding day and all...but then OP would still be effed

So I'm guessing the wedding didn't happen...?

i'm trying to decide if you're referencing a friend or Monica from Friends