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Today, I posted a pic of my prom dress on facebook. The dress looked amazing on me and it just felt so right. So I spent every single dollar I had and some borrowed to buy the dress. When I logged on later that night, the first comment asked "Is this a joke?" FML
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What did he mean by 'Is this a joke?' If he was referring to you wearing a super skanky dress that cost $3850, then yeah its a joke. But if it was just any other prom dress, delete that dumb person.


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I agree,I dress for myself I don't give a flying **** what other people think about me. does their opinion of you matter that much?

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#1 is right. The most important part of the dress is how it makes you feel. Put your freakum dress on, raise up your head and smile.

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maybe they just couldn't believe how amazing you looked in the dress it really could go either way.

I think #63 has a point here, maybe the dress is awesome but the OP is so fat that the guy on facebook thought it was a joke. Like you'll never fit in that.

why spend a ton of cash on a dress that will just end up on the floor splattered with vomit and ****?

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i agree with #97 ydi for spending soo much money on a dress youll only wear like once. did you mistake this fo your wedding day?

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hahaha 34, a flying ****. how does that work cuz i want to try it, enlighten me :P

well now 107 I'm not entirely sure how one would pull off a flying ****,but if I figure it out you will be the first to know.

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hahaha cool cool, keep me updated on your progress then, because thats one thing i'd definitely wanna try.

thats y u dont put things on facebook where ppl whi dont like u can c them. always bites u in the a**

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I don't consider myself a loser or anything, but seriously, who is getting cum and alcohol all over their prom dresses? I don't get alcohol all over myself when I drink in the first place? I'm pretty sure none of my friends had cum or alcohol spilled on their dresses either. My dress stayed beautiful the entire night and it was worth every penny for the beautiful pictures and all the compliments I received.

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haha sweet, wanna test it with me :P lol jk jk

haha sorry doll! I'm spoken for but I will tell you so you and your girl can try it :P

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aww haha its cool, and its already been a year since i broke up with my ex

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Is this a joke? No I'm kidding:) but really tell them, "Hello meet this knife, it will be stabbing you today."

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Five dollars! I got mine for free at Operation Fairy Godmother. :D As long as the price wasn't too ridiculous and it isn't a princess-meets-your-mother's-neon-legwarmers dress, who cares? You feel good, it looks good, and you'll pay them back.

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long sigh..... peeps r nummy anyways did u know the person? if not maybe they mistook something in ur pic? maybe they had the same dress? but anyways I'm sure u looked fantastic **** the botches who r ascared u'll steal their men lol and snick is that why ur an uptight retard? cuz ur ugly and poor so u feel like u have to compensate for it? god I pity u but u havnt been a prick for a while so I'll let up on u for a bit but don't make me use my bootarang lol props to ppl who get the ref

I spent about $300 on my prom dress. it was absolutely gorgeous :) too bad it's something you only wear once. looking back I spent waaay too much money my senior year. and yess I regret it :$ OP don't let someone's comment bring you down!! it's obvious you loved the dress if you were willing to pay so much for it. flaunt it :)

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I found a dress second hand at a fair got it for €1. Not only did I get a gorgeous dress. The one euro actually went towards the parish so....XD

@36 "cuz you're ugly and poor" seriously?? come on! I'm sorry but that's taking it too far.

not obviously, more likely yes. To number 36, there's really no reason to say stuff like that. you just make yourself look stupid

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lol so just cuz ur friends on facebook means u know them? obviously u don't know face book it's so full of shit and spans of friend invites and so called I Gots meself some hates glee and my OBVIOUSLY bad sp an gamma is to piss ppl like u lol geeze some ppl r sooooo stupid oh and snick hold ur clothes up to a blacklight and I'm sure u'll find stains lawl btw come on is this the best u guys can do flame better

PedoBear, you're just jealous aren't you?

it's called a troll. he is here to piss you off. pedo bear is an internet meme that stands for pedophile bear.

Snicks very nice pic. Two thumbs. d(^_^d)

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Now you cant see she is Ginger!! Lol. But we all know.......

Junior year I spent about 150 on my dress, but senior year, I spent about 30, and the dress was spectacular! It was a gorgeous form fitting dark blue. To this day, it's still one of my favorite dresses I ever wore to a formal :)

Also, sometimes, it's better not to shop at the fancy shops because you may end up with the same dress as someone else. I remember at my first homecoming two other girls were wearing the same dress as me :) One girl told me I wasn't allowed anywhere near her. She was pretty upset that I had the same one, whereas, the other girl and I took pictures together and thought it was awesome! I never ran into that problem (if you can call it a "problem") with any of the dresses I bought that were cheaper. :)

or maybe they thought it was a joke because they had the same dress

It's not really something you only have wear once think of all the weddings you'll get invited to.

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Why? If she loves it who cares what others think!

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can't you return the dress?

Why does she need to return the dress? If she likes it then she should wear it proudly.

It probably wasn't the dress. It was probably that 53 year old Elvis impersonator in the backround who was masterbating to a picture of condiliza rice. I have seen this happen far too many times. Fortunatly, Steve Jobs has invented an app called the icantseethat, which is garunteex to remove

all images of jacking of old men on spandex.

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What did he mean by 'Is this a joke?' If he was referring to you wearing a super skanky dress that cost $3850, then yeah its a joke. But if it was just any other prom dress, delete that dumb person.

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As long as you like it, it shouldn't matter. Originality...try it.

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I agree ur cute :) random sidebarr..

Because a name like iSwag is original too :/

It's the rare & seldom seen male duck! Gather round tourists & take pictures of it in its natural habitat! (#6)

ignore them, if you love the dress, that's all that matters

All that matters is that you feel pretty in that dress. Don't regret that decision. Some people are just douchebags. You wear that dress- feel like the prom queen, even if everyone hates it but you.

because they want to look pretty to impress guys.

aww :( as long as yu have fun wearing it and you like the dress that's all that matters