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Today, my mother woke me up by saying "Good morning my sexually aggressive daughter. We're going to have an extremely uncomfortable conversation today." Our awkward talk consisted of her telling me that I'm a tease and am going to get raped. Why? She caught me making out with my boyfriend. FML
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That's not okay. That is seriously NOT okay. Verbal abuse, FTL.

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I'm pretty sure that making out does not = slutty.


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OP i actually really like your mom genuinely. she seems really awesome.. not about the whole making out thing, which is stupid. about the whole "good morning my sexually aggressive daughter" thing. sweeettt.

Yeah, there's two sides to every story. I bet her mom isn't that crazy and she probably is a tease.

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She's a tease and a **** for making out with her BOYFRIEND? If she didn't make out with her boyfriend, you'd call her a prude. You guys are ******* ridiculous. My mom has said things very similar to this, and it's disturbing and completely not based on reality. Like telling me that I will get involved in an orgy if I go to spend the night with my gay male friends. Or that strangers on the street will think I'm literally a prostitute if they see me hanging out with a group of friends consisting on all guys. Why would you take the mom's side?

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Your mom is like my dad, hah.

Oh cool. We have the same mother! Well, mine's never said the prostitute thing, but she has made comments about my gay friends "dragging me into that lifestyle." Apparently, I'm going to catch the Gay.

"Catch the gay"? Lol so apparently homosexuality has gone from a natural state-of-mind to an infectious disease. Nice mum. Yeah, I don't like this sort of mum. There's NO reason to tell your daughter she is going to be raped. Okay, the daughter sounds like she's fairly young, which goes some way to explain the mum's reaction, but making out isn't a big deal at all! If she caught her young daughter having sex, I would sorta understand, but it's not like you can get preganant or catch STDs from making out!!! Damn over-conservative mum.

I mean the way the mother behaved was unacceptable. But my mum told me to be careful with rape and stuff. She was trying to look out for me though. And this mum is just cruel.

what about herpes. not that i agree with the mom

The mom didn't say anything about STDs or pregnancies! She said if she keeps going at her speed and then slamming on breaks there is a good chance she will get raped, which is true. It happens everyday especially once alcohol gets in the picture. It's great advice that all parents should teach there daughters. You don't poke dogs with sharp sticks.

Oh yeah... because every girl who kisses a guy will get raped! You're an idiot!

I laughed so hard at "catch the Gay". I almost died. Anyway, OP, I'm sure her intentions were only to help you, because it would destroy a mother for her daughter to get raped. She may be a bit overly conservative, but she's also from a different generation. And I still love how she started the convo. That's hilarious.

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Huh? You're ignorant. Rape is not about lust, dumbass, it's about power. Also, saying a man can't control himself is crap. It gives a bad name to the men who can, and whitewashes those who DO rape. There is NO excuse. This is to 152

Wow. By saying that, you're pretty much suggesting that it's a girl's fault if she is raped, because she could have prevented it by "not being a tease". Your comment disgusts me.

MuahahahahahaMufasa. Catching the gay. :D &&& For people saying that the OP probably is a ****, tat doesn't mean she 1. Deserves to raped raped or 2. have her mom harass her about things like that. But I love your mom's wake up call. xD

MuahahahahahaMufasa. Catching the gay. :D &&& For people saying that the OP probably is a ****, tat doesn't mean she 1. Deserves to get raped for being a 'tease' [Because sorry to break it to you, rape is a serious thing and not even prostitutes deserve to go through that hell] or 2. have her mom harass her about things like that, Her mom needs to learn some less extremist way of saying she doesn't approve. But I love your mom's whole "Good morning sexually aggressive daughter." If my mom said that to me I'd fall off my bed laughing. THERE we go. Stupid Fmylife. -___-

If being gay is a disease...I must be ill. Does this mean I can call into work gay?

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She's a **** for kissing her boyfriend? What planet do you come from? o.O

No parent responds that extremely to a make-out of an age-appropriate daughter and her boyfriend. Whether the OP is too young for a boyfriend, or this is her second boyfriend of the day, or her mom is too over protective; OP lives with her mom, and knows how her mom would react to her actions. If her mom really would respond that crazy to seeing her make out with her boyfriend, she should have already known that and been better at hiding it. OR it's a lot more believable that OP is just a ****. You too, are also a ****.

Or, you know, maybe she was never been caught doing anything of the sort, so wouldn't know her mother would react so terribly?

alice_hmph 0're an idiot, and AIDs isn't something you joke about, you ignoramus. Sluttish behavior has nothing to do with this, obviously the mom is slightly cracked. :/

you've got to understand that she probably put some sort of spin on the story, her mother probably isnt that overprotective. Either she is

#27 With normal mothers maybe. Google "100 top fundamentalist quotes" and you might change your mind.

shes not a **** for making out with her boyfriend. If she was ****** 2 guys and her mom walked in, then shes a ****. #3's just a loser who cant get any and is mad about it.

Actually, AIDS is now funny. It's been 23 years (the official amount of time that it takes something serious to become funny). OBAMA SUCKS

haha you know now MORE people are going to read what i originally wrote because theyre curious to see what i said inb4 all the trolled virgins start complaining about me taking ***** off the pedestal

AIDS isn't more than one AID. The S needs to be capitalised too.

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It actually depends they could have been rolling on the ground barely clothes but still hasn't had sex and they're is a certain way ***** make out

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First of all, *their Second of all, HAHAHAH a certain way ***** make out? Do elaborate. I could use a good laugh.

sing it sister. I feel your pain. My dad called me a horndog because I wanted to go see my boyfriend. There had just been a devestating hurricane in the area and I was worried about him. Thanks dad.

people have to realize.. there are people on this site that may be christian, or mormon(doubtful about this one) but people from different cultured and religions none the less, but what we think is completely normal (ie making out with a boyfriend before marriage) they may think is one of the biggest sins in the world. watch 18 kids and counting and you will see what i mean

why the crap is everyone putting a lowercase 's' on the end of AIDS? It's an acronym.

didn't you know? when the fantastical ***** begin to make out, they emit a 'kacaww'ing noise similar to a toucan. golly. i thought everyone knew that. :o

Hahahahahahahaha. "AIDS isn't more than one AID". Thank you for that! These comments are killing me.

Really now. That's news to me. Judging by your comment you clearly have never made out or even felt any sexual pleasure from your self or others. It's normal to feel those feelings especially during puberty.

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OLOLOLOL- "You too, are also a ****." Had a lot of laughs in this string, but that's my fav by far. Lol:)

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omg that suxx but im calling fake its jst a makeout unless it looked like more

We don't know if this has anything to do with religion, douchebag.

If this had anything at all to do with religion being a problem then the extremely conservative mom would be saying things like "you're going to go to hell if you keep that up," blah blah blah. And I know plenty of religious people who are not as uptight as you seem to think all religious people are. I am religious and I tend to be against the whole "you're going to hell" conservative judgments that some of the extremists like to give. The only reason that anyone thinks religion poisons everything is because of the few religious people who do go to extremes by condemning everyone and therefore give the majority of religious people a bad name. Religion doesn't poison everything. Idiotic and ignorant assumptions about other people and other ways of life do.

I'm really ******* sick of everyone hating on religion. like really ******* sick and tired of it. people who say "your going to hell for this or that reason" are obviously ******* trolls okay? and your comment about how "religion ruins everything" really pissed me off. since when is practicing love for one another and having a set of values a bad thing? maybe if people learned to respect life and love one another our world wouldn't be so ****** up. Obviously religion is about more than stoning prostututes to death. I'm Catholic and i couldn't give a rats ass if every single person ****** like crazy before marriage, or snorts cocaine. The fact is, saying religion is a BAD thing is just plain ignorant and disrespectful and just plain wrong!!! rant over.

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That's not okay. That is seriously NOT okay. Verbal abuse, FTL.

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LOL what a way to start a morning! At least she's a concerned mother :P FYL

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I'm pretty sure that making out does not = slutty.

depends on OP's age ;) if she's less than 11-12 then it's definitely weird... and it IS possible. you've heard worse and you know it.

OMG!!!! hahahahaha thats hilarious point out to your mom that she had sex to create you

Excellent suggestion. Seriously FYL no one wants to wake up to the words 'sexually aggressive'