By Anonymous - 05/08/2011 07:04 - United States

Today, my mother and aunt got into an argument about who had gotten groped more times in public. I don't know what's more disturbing, that my own mother would brag about getting groped, or that she won the argument, at 34 times. FML
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That's pretty disturbing..

Today is also the day I'm staying inside. 0_o


That's pretty disturbing..

OP should obviously join in the argument.Being groped a lot seems to run in the family.

reminds me of rule 34 - anything that exists on the internet will have porn based on it..

It's massively irresponsible to brag about such things. If you want to be touched up by strangers, fine - I'm sure you can find a group on the internet who can help. I'm not a woman but I think I can speak for the vast majority in saying that they would not want to be groped without invitation. I'm sure under most circumstances the OP's mother and aunt would be among them. However, you can't ask to be left alone and then claim bragging rights when you aren't. If you want people to respect what you say, you have to _always_ say what you mean. Doubly so where anything vaguely sexual is involved.

Fascinating paragraph.

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I was her firstO.o

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OH RLLY, 34? I've been groped twice that in just one trip on the A train. Subways are a brutal place.

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Were missing part of the story here people.. She lives near Boners.

Whats groped mean

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Ask boners, he will demonstrate, free of charge

Maybe your mom walks the streets at night, who knows

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What about ur aunt OP? how many times did she get groped?

Seriously #61, get out of here. You are too young and we shouldn't have to explain this shit to you. Go ask your mommy.

Tell your mother that "self-groping" does not count. Sorry, but anyone who would be proud of the fact that they get felt up by strangers...................."shakes" serious douche chills

Not groping... they were graped by the grapist

Open wide kids!! Cause I'm ganna Grape you in the mouth!!!!

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I love how 2 has 34 thumbs up...

I love how 72 has no thumbs up.

Andr913 13

I love how 74 has no thumbs up...


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I'm really hoping they both look young and it wasn't old men doing it.

I'm just wondering why they were counting how many times they got groped, before.

Or maybe they're old, and it's young men doing it.

Maybe they should grope each other

lol that's weird...I don't think I'd keep count of something like that.

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Tell your mom its not cool to be a whore these days

22- I agree with you for the most part, but keeping track and bragging is somewhat whore-ish.

pfx2_fml 15

Keeping count and being proud of it makes you a whore

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Pfx2- your comments are horrible! They make me hate you

Yea i guess that makes sense

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pfx2 if the Nyan cat hates you then that's some serious shit :o

Hey. Maybe you get your amazingly good looks from her :P

Why would they count how many times in the first place?..

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Tell your mom its not cool to be a whore these days

Hmm,I can now grope women to raise their self esteem ;)