By barfyshirt - 06/12/2009 05:25 - United States

Today, I got really sick at my boyfriend's house, and barely made it to the toilet in time to throw up. it got on my shirt so I asked if I could borrow one of his. He said I could wear one of his dad's shirts because he didn't want his to get too stretched out. FML
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Yeah, well it's maybe just that you have big boobs, really...

that doesn't mean he was saying you were fat. if it was a well fitting shirt, you might have stretched it over your boobs... I know some girls who have done that to their boyfriend's shirt and they weren't "fat".


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Either you have big boobs or you need to lose some weight. What's the big deal, he didn't want you messing up his good clothing. EXERCISE PLZ

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Hmmmm, I was gonna say the boob thing. Take it from someone who knows.

Yeah, it's because you have BOOBS OP. Unless your boyfriend is twice your size, your BOOBS are gonna stretch the chests out of his shirts.

YDI for being fat, shall I say: "No ****?" are quite blunt =P....anyways, its either your boobs or you're a bit out of any case, don't get offended by him not wanting to ruin his clothing..... =S

Yeah, well it's maybe just that you have big boobs, really...

"My boyfriend has smaller pecs than me; I didn't realize he's a guy. FML." Seriously, OP?

This isn't an FML, you might as well say "I'm a girl and I have boobs, FML" Seriously, there are to many of these "my boyfriend won't let me wear my shirt because he doesn't want it stretched" Women have BREASTS. Their chests are usually larger than their boyfriend's(hopefully). It's easy to stretch your boyfriends shirt unless they're several sizes larger than you.

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maybe he was trying to say that you have big ****

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You must stereotype everyone....I have big boobs and I'm not fat at all, it's also genetics....

i didn't say only fat chicks do, and i don't stereotype people............god chicks with big boobs are stupid.

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Yes I'm stupid because I know about genetics and obviously you don't.....YOU WIN! *rolls eyes*

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No, he wins because your picture says you are fat, although you did a hell of a job covering it up with the fat girl angle shot, (but your arm rolls give it away). He also wins because you got offended while he was obviously joking to get you to respond. You just overall suck.

i know how u feel. i am short and very skinny but i have big boobs. it runs in the family. but nothing to be ashamed of. :)

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pickwick is totally right, lmao I guess all these girls claiming to be skinny with huge **** are actually delusional fatties like sdcrazy

I have to say I agree with pickwick here. Not about the fact that sdcrazy is fat, but that No_Heart wasn't stereotyping at all. Firstly with their "Most fat chicks do" comment, since it's true. People who are fat DO have big boobs. He (I'm just going to assume you're a guy here; sorry if I'm wrong) didn't say that all people with big boobs are fat. There's a difference. And secondly with the "god chicks with big boobs are stupid" comment. Like pickwick said; it was clearly a joke. Also, clearly the OP is either fat, or her boyfriend is super skinny and she's bigger than him; more than just having big boobs. I'm an average sized girl with more than average sized boobs, my boyfriend is a normal sized guy, not fat in the slightest, and his shirts happen to be loose on me. Unless her boyfriends shirts are skin-tight on even him, then it has to be more than simply big boobs.

that doesn't mean he was saying you were fat. if it was a well fitting shirt, you might have stretched it over your boobs... I know some girls who have done that to their boyfriend's shirt and they weren't "fat".

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What the ****? When having the flu, how about that moment when you have to make the decision to sit or stand, I mean shit or puke?

awwww its ok there is nothing wrong with being over weight :( dont let him get ya down

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WTF is wrong with you? Of course there's nothing wrong with being fat. Some people can't help it. Even exercise won't help for them. Your a bitch. I hope you get fat. My parents are over 250lbd and I'm only 98lbs.

Not their fault? Ha. So they cant help not being arsed to get to a gym, or even walk around a little more. And they cant help scoffing all them fatty calories? Load of bull. Get some self control at a minimum and you will lose weight. Basic biology, if a body burns more calories than is provided in the daily intake then it will dig into the fatty/protein reserve for energy. Take it to the next level and get your ass off the sofa and get your heart beat going.

You know that part of big boobs is genetic and there are also genetic issues related to weight. Plus being 'overweight' could mean not looking like a bloody twig. There are a number of health issues related to being over and underweight. Now, if one is like 200lbs overweight they the need to lose some weight buy I'd someone is like 5'7" and weighs like 98lbs there's a problem there. There really us nothing wrong with being overweight I'm 5'8" and weigh 175lbs. According to american standards in 'overweight' but really I just look female because I have boobs. (and I do also have the genetic make up for having extremely large breasts)

Well, see, I think by "overweight" they aren't meaning fat, but rather just above the scale a tad. Like if it's proper for someone to be 120 and they're 125, then there's nothing wrong with that. Now if they're 150, we dip into some problems, and if they get to be 200, there's definitely something wrong with that. If they are meaning more like 30/50+ pounds overweight being okay, then, you lot... please remember your heart loves you.