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By Anonymous - 16/02/2011 05:50

Today, my dad gave me the dreaded sex talk, but he got sidetracked and started talking about how good my mum was in bed. FML
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Nah, 6 is ugly simply because she's a bitch.

I like the way your telling her to put her **** away, yet yours are hanging out as well. oh the irony.

I will NOT click on their profiles...I will NOT click on their profiles...I will NOT click on their profiles... *clicks on both profiles* Dammit.

huh? why did my comment get deleted? biased mods?

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like mother like daughter? hopefully lol...hmmm most likely

If you're a girl, go have the talk with the expert instead. If you're a boy, you are never going to find someone who measures up to mum. You will always wonder if your gf is better. Your entire sexual identity is twisted from this moment on, especially if you got aroused. Sucks to be you, mate.

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Imaginary Foe, that's supremely messed up. Is it bad that I laughed?