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Today, I was in my new boyfriend's apartment for the first time. As I was flipping through his photo albums, I came across one full of disturbingly candid pictures of me. I found some as early as my trip to the state fair, three years ago. I met my boyfriend two months ago. FML
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looks like he's been stalking you o_O

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Thats creepy!! What did u do??


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Eh he was just getting to know you.

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how the hell do u keep geting first ohh never mind you must have no life

Why do people just not understand that NO ONE GIVES A **** IF YOUR FIRST Also- that is reallllllyyyyyyy creeeeppppyyyyyy DUMP HIS ASS

When I see "FIRST!!!" I read "Hey guys, if I make the first post, someone will finally love me, right??"

Well i think you need to chillax. he was just getting to know you and this is why you have such a successful relationship. because he took the time and effort to get to know the real you. This is an excellent thing and i have no idea why you consider this an fml. On south georgia island, its mandatory for you to research the person before perusing a relationship. well know you know PS (post script) this is an episode of seinfeld

You make things in South Georgia Island sound extremely ******.

ummm this sounds more like stalking than "getting to know someone."

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If this idiot is talking about GA the state not the country,then there is NO South GA island. There is Tybee and Parris islands but no such thing as South GA island. He/She is an idiot and disrespectful to us Georgians

actually im sorry your so ignorant but there is a south georgia island. It is located in the south sandwich islands. if you dont believe me google it.

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you" But not in a stalkerish kind of way. Just a "I will take pictures of, document and find out the dental records of my future girlfriend" type of way.

ok, so im kinda starting to think you have a diagnosable mental disease... how the **** is stalking someone for 3 years "getting to know the real you" or watever???? getting to know someone is like "hey lets hang out in a group sometime" or "wanna grab a coffee?" NOTTTTTTTT "hey im gonna take candid pictures of you for three years and then somehow find a way to actually meet you and get you to date me" like, i honestly think you need to get some help. there is nooooooo way that being a stalker, because yes, thats wat this guy is, constitutes "getting to know" someone. you are seriously disturbed.

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#79: When I read "first", I just think that someone got first post and they know it. People need to stop hating on something so trivial.

Same here... Just because you're too slow to get the coveted first post doesn't mean you have to yell at others. Besides, all of us know the main reason most people say "FIRST" is to see how many people are baited into replying. I'm one of the baited people ;p Anyhow... technically I see this as a pro. I mean, obviously this person likes you, and you like him in return if you agreed to be his GF. What's the worst he's going to do? Have sex with you? Seeing how forny-happy you christians are, this obviously isn't an issue, so stop complaining.

I agree, i think that;s really creepy, and that her boyfriend is a stalker. I think you should confront him about it.

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The worst thing you could do is confront him...

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Hey Snowflake, If you spoke English, you would know that "post scriptum" and "post script" mean the same thing. I hate anal-conservative traditionalists

thank you aFro i completely agree have a stellar day!

WackTastic 0's time for you to run away...seriously creepy. I've delt with too many stalkers before, get out NOW!!! It's not cute and it's not funny and there are no excuses. I may sound like a cut throat bitch but I'm tired of guys trying to hide their crazy with I love you's or sweet nothings, obsession is not love and it's not something that gets better..That's my opinion any way but obviously if you were creeped out enough to FML it there is something to it...stick with your guyt feeling

geniusgirl here sounds like she is a fan of Twilight "he was just trying to get to know you" Um, yeah, normally people come up and talk to you instead of stalking you.

This is abusive not something light. Get your head out of your ass and look up the definition of domestic violence or better yet call the hotline and let them tell you.

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wait, yuu said MET two months ago.. so yuu didn't know him before y'all started goin out? sounds liike yuu had a stalker o_____O

Does stalking a person for three years really constitute as "just getting to know them"? I think that's overkill... as in, " here's a dead horse, I'm going to punch it 'till it walks away" style. Seriously, OP, I'd be askin' a few questions if I were you. Run awaaaaaaay.

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#349 Wow, you're stupid. Stalking is not the same as domestic violence. Maybe you should look it up you dumb bitch.

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looks like he's been stalking you o_O

Really?! Wow, I couldn't tell at all. You're a freakin' GENIUS!!!!!

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0H EM GEE!! i totally agree!! that guy is now officially my idol:P

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Thats creepy!! What did u do??

That's interesting, actually. The OP MUST have taken some sort of action before posting this on FML. I bet she took his phone, deleted her number, then took all her photos, kicked the stalker bf in the balls and ran. Or if she's a kick-ass chick, she just beat the shit outta him.

maybe he got those pictures from facebook

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How did she deserve it? Theres really no way of telling a guy is stalking you if he is doing it right.

i bet u still have no idea that your bedroom curtains are seethrough;)

that's y they are called stalkers... they don't want ppl to know that they are stalking ppl... at least she knows now

**** you. most of serial killers have totally oblivious girl/boy friends or even married.

MdMan2 23

She wouldn't know that though.

This thing about stalkers is that they usually don't reveal themselves.

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if i where you i would run as fast as i can. anywhere away from him

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#279 i like how optimistic you are ... but i hope you never wind up in a situation like this! I mean really? you honestly don't think he could be a stalker? If this was you he probably would've already killed you by now!! and you would've been oblivious to the whole thing!

He's a stalker, obviously a very good one, what makes you think she can leave him?

edison_rhodes 8

Are you ******* stupid? No way he was just out and saw her on several different occasions and he put them in a photo album. Wth is wrong with you?

LeCielNousAide 7

wow that's awkward...i would get away from that boy as fast as possible...FYL

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oh my............that is hysterical and pretty creepy...

I agree, lol. xD No, but seriously... He's a bit of a creeper. You miiiiiiiight wanna... spend some time somewhere else. That doesn't involve him.

MSJ91 1

If you're still happy with him, just bring it up. He doesn't need to stalk you if he's with you, and I'm sure he'll be more faithful than any of the guys you'll ever meet.

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Yeah, right! Faithful indeed, and frigging controlling and CRAZY, you bitch.

MSJ91 1

You may be right about crazy, but controlling doesn't really have anything to do with it. If he spent 3 years, to get to know someone (without them knowing lol), he'd be pretty stupid to want to change them.

MSJ91 1

I don't know about you guys, but my e-peen hardly fits in my e-pants. Heh, I didn't realize so many sarcastic douchebags came here just to put down others and laugh at them. Good luck to you dear sirs - in your quest to find any decent meaning in your life, and I hope hitting rock bottom doesn't hurt your misplaced pride too much, because it may take some time before you can dust yourself off. After everything, however, you'll see life in a new light, and you may actually do something nice for once. =D

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119, Edward Cullen sees you. Edward Creeper is NOT pleased.

Or maybe he'll murder you and eat your body parts, hahaha! XD Doesn't sounds like a keeper, really. XD;

it's actually not funny/sweet/slightly creepy or wtvr these ppl are saying. if it was for like a month, or even a couple, then it could be considered a big crush, and you could laugh it off. but this guy has STALKED you for 3 years. full-on, pictures, sneaking/following stalking. he could be dangerous. approach carefully. definitely don't dismiss it.

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#209 Haha its not even cute/sweet/funny if he only stalked her and took pics of her for a couple of months. I've gone out with a 2 girls that I found out were stalker-ish too later on in the relationship, and when the relationship didnt work out and I broke up with them, they went all psycho-bitch. OP: You should probly distance yourself from him because hes most likely crazy. And hopefully he wont go psycho because you dumped him and try to kill you and then go all cannibal on your ass or something. :D

i agree wit #294. get out of there asap and never ever go back

You sound stupid. The dude is a creepy stalker. If she dates him and decides to dump him one day, he might try to kill her or kidnap her or something. She needs to get away from him ASAP and get a restraining order.

FAIL. Wrong FML You have posted the first comment, but you are now also the proud owner of the 'dumbass of the post' title. Well done you =)

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LMAF0!! that was rand0m... ahahaha!! =P

#42 where's the badge for this? I need to acquire it.