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By not getting laid - 13/10/2013 14:38 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I was hitting on a girl, and I was sure I could get her to sleep with me. When she finally gave in and was putting her number into my phone, she called my mom and asked her if she raised me to "sexually harass women." FML
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Maybe the woman respects herself enough not to sleep with a stranger

jensen21 19

When you use "finally gave in" it seems like you were definitely harassing her.


Maybe the woman respects herself enough not to sleep with a stranger

Wow. Way to change your comment. First calling the girl a horrible name for doing what she did and now defending her.

Why is it given that only women who don't respect themselves sleep with strangers?

First she was a bitch, now she respects herself. Way to change your response based on what everyone else says.

Sorry guys, I thought had some rotten tomatoes to throw, but I'm all out. Will pine cones work?

#21: People normally associate those who don't respect themselves as the ones who would sleep with total strangers because those who don't respect themselves normally give it up easier than those who do. I'm not saying that those who respect themselves don't sleep with total strangers, but that typically doesn't happen. Think about it this way: if you respect yourself, wouldn't you sleep with someone who actually wants you for you, and not who just wants to use you as a **** bag? That's what humans are essentially if you don't have any real feelings for the person you're *******. You're just pleasuring them and letting them go. That's all the OP wanted. Someone that'll let him stick his dick in them and nothing else. Doesn't that sound like he has no respect for himself either?

nuggetmonster 12

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CallMeMcFeelii 13

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#69: You're missing the point. The girl obviously didn't welcome the attention, but the OP wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Even his username indicates that there was one thing on his mind, and the only thing he cared about. It wasn't the girl or her wishes.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

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#79, you are almost getting the point there. Keep trying.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Ah, the "I read it wrong" excuse. A classic excuse.

I always wonder how many of the "I read it wrong" crowd truly did. It is 140 characters, at most. Doesn't seem like a PhD is needed.

#21 it's true. Only ****** and ***** sleep with one night stands or guys they just met. Plus when they aren't dating it counts as being "sluty". People seem to forget that some woman actually have morals and respect themselves and will not just let a random guy stick their dick in them.

#67 when you get an STI from all the random dick suckings, Maybe you will regret your **** actions.

If girls didn't have morals and just ****** for fun like guys we would all have 5-7 children by now and would have gotten a ton is STI's

Because women who sleep with strangers don't respect their bodies.

Just to be clear though...even if sex is also a means for procreation and pleasure. It doesn't mean it's a reason to sleep with a lot of people. Everyone should be more cautious when sleeping with a stranger because you never know if they're crazy or have STDs etc. protection and caution are always the best and it's always good to make sure you tell someone your whereabouts before sleeping with any strangers...just in case they end up being a psychopath.

Woah, double standard! Do you think Barney (wait for it) Stinson has no self respect?

I think that sleeping with people is fine as long as you are doing it because it makes you happy, not because you are in a bad spot. It is not fair to yourself or other people if you use them for a moments happiness instead of solving the problem.

Ah, pinecones... The children of pine trees...

Its easier to misread a short post than a long one, especially on FML where irony and sarcasm are often used. However, if you're going to make a comment, its a good idea to read a post twice, just to make sure you didn't misread it.

What, you managed to oveook all his blatantly obvious self esteem issues. Jaysus!


I am with iAlissa and DWordHead16. The girl aint wrong for what she did. He ******* deserved it haha The first sentence in his story says it all.

Yes, this. People who condemn others for not having self respect are usually full of shit. What they mean is "I don't have respect for YOU because you make choices I wouldn't make". But see, if you have high self-respect you couldn't give two ***** what some dumb ass on the internet thinks about how you have fun.

Why does everyone call double standard when saying women shouldn't sleep around? Men shouldn't either!! Barney Stinson is a complete man ***** who had a million issues with his self respect. But nice reference, I'm obsessed with that show xD

@SkyBlueCloud How about you just calm the **** down and stop being such a hypercritical, judgemental cuntwaffle?

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Don't disrespect pigs like that, Noor. I think his nickname should be more like "Slime".

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

OP sounds like a real scumbag. I wonder if by any chance his name is Steve.

zen1979 16

Hey!! That's an insult to honest slime....

So what about the women who goal is to sleep with a guy? No one calls them names. Also yeah it was wrong for her to call his mother. There's s line and she crossed it.

Actually yes, girls who only talk to a guy to sleep with them are called skanks.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

It's only an insult to a Steve if you're THE infamous Steve...

Guys like him deserve to keep their virginity forever.

perdix 29

#2, it's dumb to hit on women with the SOLE goal of sleeping with them. After the 30 seconds of joy, there's going to be a lot of dead air.

hazardmuffin 21

Or, he should try not harassing women who clearly aren't interested. There's nothing wrong with a guy after only sex, just like there's nothing wrong with a girl after only sex. Decency would be him respecting the wishes of others.

#2, This als seems more like an F his mom's life for raising such a slob. Also its an F the girl's life for getting hit on by a slob that only cares for sex and not the personality.

Pwn17 25

127- Yeah, it's another of those where the OP does something that would constitute an FML for someone else, yet OP is the one bitching. OP, you misogynistic scum, you can go **** yourself.

Theres a word for those women: ***** or hoes

Hitting on someone in a club for sex is standard, doing so to the point that they're calling your mum is way beyond wrong. Get the hint OP, move on to someone actually interested!

58- He crossed the line when he harrassed her. She did what she had to do. Here's a fine line between "Ughhhh, fine" and rape. He was dancing on it.

frizz101 22

They do call them names, **** and who're come to mind pretty quick

Common don't you know most men are like that???

\ 28

Damn it, how do you just jump into sex with someone you barely know??

I don't know how you could sleep with someone you just met either. With all the chances for things to go terribly wrong, I only sleep with people I am in a relationship with who have been screened for diseases.

In response to 3: Too bad he wasn't interested in her mind and not just her body.

to each their own, if you want to have sex with as many people as is humanly possible, cool. if you only want to sleep with people you trust and/or are in a relationship with, cool

Lets play find the person who is easy.. done. ^^^ No it is never okay to just sleep around. From 3 - 120 you are awesome .. 162... um nothing more.

DeoVolente 13

Did you sleep together?

yes, Ofcourse they did... Even after she called his mom. How amazing is that eh?

\ 28

Hint: they DIDN'T shake any beds. :)

DeoVolente 13

You along with 180+ people didn't understand that it was a joke. The fact that they didn't sleep together is pretty obvious

People down voting #4 doesn't mean we don't get it... It just wasn't funny. Or enlightening. So the thumb goes down.

MermaidAnnariea 10

There are so many things wrong with this FML

Way too many things. Aside from being an ass, I don't get the handing over of a phone so someone can put their number in. Never did. Put it in your damned self. But more importantly, don't pressure someone until they give in. Take no for an answer. Especially if you are only out to sleep with that person. Pressuring someone into sex is just one step away from forcing yourself on that person. Persistence can be a good thing. But there is a point where it stops being persistence and becomes harassment. Learn the line.

Unfortunately, that line is very fluid. Some women would consider it harassment if you asked only once. Others like to play and flirt the night away. What may be all in good fun for some could be taken as WAY over the line by others.

jensen21 19

When you use "finally gave in" it seems like you were definitely harassing her.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Even worse overall when he probably thought his life truly sucks when submitting this FML.

Well, it does, but not for the reason he thinks.

If you have to "get" her to sleep with you, that sexual harassment.

Gemma_Mansonite 20

It can be classed as rape. He won't leave her alone even when she said no and I'm sure that's rape

Just because you're flirting with someone doesn't mean she wants to sleep with you. That fact that you said the words "finally gave in" shows me that you were actually creepy.

imagineapc 11

I would do the same thing....then again if a guy is trying that hard they're not worth my time anyway.