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By  brownwolf023  |  3

Having a stepson, it's going to be hard to get out of that one seeing as how usually "kids always tell the truth" although it's really just what they perceive.

By  Chris_1414  |  21

I may be wrong, but I doubt OP and her boss actually have anything like that going on, the kid probably just saw them talking or something and only knows "sweetheart" as a term of friendship and didn't know what it may imply

  OnlyNeko  |  13

my THOUGHT EXACTLY!!!! could have been something he said to her rather then because of 'doing' her it's a term of Endearment being SWEET or POLiTE doesn't mean he's sleeping with her haha

  Khaleesi_D  |  9

Especially with how often little boys get asked if that's their sweetheart or girlfriend just because theytalked once at recess or sit next to each other in class