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Today, my mother posted a video of me giving birth, on Facebook. FML
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I love how people say that there is nothing more beautiful than the miracle of childbirth. The only people who say that have never actually seen it.


Ya I really don't understand how anyone would like to watch that.

Yeah many women poop while pushing that sucker out. Then there's the tearing and the colorful fluids...

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ya that's pretty embarrassing. . sucks for you op

WHY on earth would she do that OP, talk about violating your privacy!!!... congrats on your baby tho :-)

I'm one of those people who love watching these things (I'm a nurse), but what was she thinking? This is ok if OP posted it, but not the mother. Guess who won't be invited to the next one.

I think that is something that has no business being posted on Facebook no matter who posted it, especially the mother without concent

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You cannot imaging how funny this is to read while drinking

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Nothing is truly deleted from the internet.

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I'm sure a note to facebook will get some action. All that vag and blood and stuff. Just tell them someone posted weird porno.

Yeah, I think Facebook would probably take it down if you reported it depending on how graphic it is. I doubt Facebook would take it down if it's just a video of your facial expressions and you screaming... Good luck with that, OP. Also, congrats on the baby!

to #55, you obviously didn't see the Godzilla 2014 comicon trailer. that disappeared from the internet without a TRACE. also OP, i DO believe you have grounds to take legal action against your mother, how FB themselves didn't flag it right away i'll never know.

I think that she can actually get it taken down by claiming she owns the rights to the video and say that her mum did not have her permission to post it.

Let's hope this isn't your crowning moment.

It's a breech of the rules, that's for sure.

I think OP needs to control her breathing and push for her mother to take it down.

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Haha! These comments never cease to Lamaze me!

I'm sure Facebook will remove it for you. They're contractionally obliged to do that sort of thing.

Well Facebook refuses to take down VIRAL videos of people being beheaded, I don't know if they would take down a video of someone giving birth.

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Great, now she ruined it. Everyone, abort!

Oh wow, what an invasion of privacy. Your mother is so inconsiderate!

I love how people say that there is nothing more beautiful than the miracle of childbirth. The only people who say that have never actually seen it.

I fully agree with you there. It is a whole different experience in the back of an crumped up ambo.

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The concept is what is beautiful. Not the process.

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Even when I was taking pictures, I turned my head. Gak!

Yeah, I watched my daughter being born. It's not the prettiest sight but wouldn't have missed it for the world.

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Really! I have to say it was the best day of my life, when I delivered my son into this world, I never felt so connected to life and such a spiritual high before or sine. It's been 17 years and I remember it like yesterday.

As someone who's witnessed someone giving birth, "beautiful" is definitely not the word to describe it. Emotional, awe-inspiring? Yes, those words work. But it's a very ugly process.

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Or felt it. But I have to agree that the baby was worth it.

When I had my first daughter they asked if I wanted a mirror so I could see the baby being born, I believe my approximate response was "**** no"

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I agree totally. Luckily I only saw a picture, but that was enough.

My childrens' births are events that I was wonderfully happy to be a part of but felt absolutely no desire to record photographically, so I completely fail to see why anyone would take a video, far less post it. I have much the same opinion of sex-tapes.

Report it to Facebook and have it taken down!

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It's too late all her friends have probably already saw it

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Doesn't that belong on VagBook?

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