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It's been invented essentially. It's called an artificial vagina or AV and you fill part of it with warm water to reach optimal temperature and pressure to mimic a vagina then you lube it up. You can either hold it for the animal or install it in a phantom (a phantom is the big padded dummy the animal mounts) but holding it works better so you don't lose any semen.

  yahoowizard  |  16

Tbh, I feel animals can get laid a lot easier than humans can, so animals don't really have a reason to masturbate...whereas humans now, it's a crime to just go up to another person and have sex with them on the spot, so his invention shall benefit humans a lot more, in my opinion


#36- It sounded like you were complaining rape was illegal, for a second.
Plus, if I remember correctly, they use artificial insemination on animals for various reasons. This guy's invention could make their jobs easier, granted, if they don't have anything like this yet.
Gotta get that sperm somehow!

#58- You'd have enough money to actually buy a Fleshlight?


They're actually not used in thoroughbreds. That's one breed where you are banned from using them if you plan on the baby being a racehorse. The Jockey Club which oversees racing and breeding only allows live cover.

Quarter horses however use it more than any other breed. All my horses are bred that way. It's a lot safer.