By Anonymous - 20/08/2010 23:22 - United States

Today, I was on the toilet, when my Mom thought it would be a fun idea to barge in, take a picture of me, post it on Facebook, and tag me. FML
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That stinks. Sounds like a shitty picture.

well I have no idea what to say to that... but I GET MORE ASS THAN A TOILET SEAT!

you deserve it for being on the toilet when your mom took a picture of you. she tagged you and put it on facebook

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you should do the same to her. haha!

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6, you fail epically. OP quit bitchin your mom is the coolest.

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OP your mom is the coolest person I never met :)

11 how did I fail epically. I was doing a skroal impression. you fail epically

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You fail epically for doing a shitty impression of a shitty guy.

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that was punny douchebag. hardy ****** har

I'd be "pissed" - hopefully there's not a permanent "log" of that picture. Don't be too em"bare-assed"!

hehe, freeze, the animes both our pictures are from are written by the same person :D

17 skroal is a legend and 4ever my idol so piss off

same here back when I was young. I think it's digemon. something like that.

it was prolly just for ***** and giggles

if you're under 18 say it's child **** and alert facebook and the police. then you won't have a mom to bug you anymore ;-)

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Well, you should have locked the freaking door. And your mom is immature.

this is just so funny that I can't laugh at OPs misfortune

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ever think to lock the door?? soo sorry I gotta go with YDI

remove the tags on ur account :| ur dumb

20= win stop complaining your mom sounds hilarious

for those saying "lock the door": some doors don't have locks and OP should be able to go to the bathroom in the comfort of her home without having to worry about someone barging in. but OP, your mom is hilarious!

14- You Fail Apically For Posting Comments Like Those Thinking They're Funny. They Aren't. They Just Annoy People So Shut Up. Kk, Thanks. :D

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89 - You fail even more epically by Talking With The First Letter In Each Word Being Capitalized. It's annoying. Kk. Thanks. :D

your mom is awesome, but I suggest you to untag yourself.

Freeze's pic is from FLCL or Fooly Cooly. weird ass anime but very entertaining.

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104, you fail even more epicly for spelling realizing wrong.

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i bet that was a shitty picture! hahahahahahahahahahahahha get it? shitty, toilet. hahahahahahaah I'm too funny...

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I get it, it's a stupid pun

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ydi for not locking the door. loser :P

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She must be trying out for Jackass.

@129: why is that? You are a fan of white-trash parenting styles?

YDI for not locking your door YDI for adding your mom on Facebook YDI for taking a shit

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too many puns in one sentence. The puns belong but next time spread them out over two sentences, lol

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do the same to her lmao or jsut untag ur self and block her from ur fb

Your mother did this? That's just rude and immature of her. Just remove your tag and if it bothers you so much, just ask her to delete it(:

i would hide a camera in the bathroom and film her while shes on the toilet, then post the video on facebook. With sound, to make it funnier xD

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and if all else fails, hack her and delete it, then block her. & do the same to her :D

D: thatss like socialll suicidee righhhtt thereee! :o

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it social homicide. hur dur dur dur dur derp derp derp