By ColoredPencil13 - 10/05/2014 13:35 - United States - Baytown

Today, my mom made a Facebook post about me starting my period and for everyone to be nice to me. FML
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Some parents just shouldn't use social networks.

AnthonyWheeler15 24

That's embarrassing, sorry OP!


AnthonyWheeler15 24

That's embarrassing, sorry OP!

gjikvtj 18

It's actually a good heads up for guys who care about protecting their balls

It's not very nice either. Period.

You're right that's bloody awful

Period puns are no laughing matter

72 is on their period.

Some parents just shouldn't use social networks.

But then where would a good deal of internet humour go? Those auto-correct fails, the awkward messages or files sent to parents by accident, the ritual embarrassment of their progeny on social media sites, or themselves by trying to be hip or otherwise? At that point there would be total feline takeover of the internet!

shut up dumbass, @17

No there wouldn't, #17! We'd still have porn!

#33. No need to name call. 17 has a good point and presented it with humor. Too bad you are lacking in that area:)

Isn't there an FML almost identical to this one?

not so funny meow is it!!

At least she cares haha but a bit embarrassing

A friend of mine's mother did almost the same thing

parents. can't live with em' can't live without em'.

Depends on how often they do ridiculous things. It can get very aggravating and depending on what a parent does and to what extent you're better off without them. Like my father not letting me go to school. Luckily I'm on my own now and start college this fall.

norisorroz 28

I deeply feel for you.

So sorry I'm doubly glad I got mine when things like that weren't broadcast to everyone. Hope it gets better for you and hope this is the extent of your moms public announcements :)

RedPillSucks 31

Meh. My wife would have used smoke signals or african drums. She can get around any technological limitations.

"squeezeme" with your boobs out in the profile picture? I hope you don't complain about pervy messages.

37 - Aren't you the one who makes a point of always talking about how big your boobs are around here, while tending to post pictures with a respectable amount of cleavage? I just thought it sounded a bit weird coming from you.

37- Who cares? You are not her, and I highly doubt your rude comment will influence her. Get the hell off your high horse, because I'd be more than happy to give you some humble pie.

Aw, 43, you beat me to the lecture.

#14 yours is my favorite comment of the day I think hahaha

Yessi_Boo 14

She probably knows it's embarrassing just as much as you do xD

RedPillSucks 31

Did she get any "likes"?

Just dodge it if anyone says anything.

Using the academic period excuse to dodge, maybe... nah, FYL OP :/